Social media has become the new promotional hub for top brands in this millennium. How much do they really impact local businesses? Is it the new, affordable yet ultimate promotional tool for a local business to gain a competitive edge? Discussed here are a few insights in this regard:

Evolving search techniques:

Its agreed yellow pages are still printed. B2B, B2C directories still exist in hard copy. But that’s not the way for people to access information anymore. No digitally literate person who spends hours surfing the web has the time to read local business listings in paper form. Internet users search keywords related to local businesses on Google ranging from restaurants to repair shops to salons and what not. With the rise of social media, online visitors no longer need a search engine other than the one placed in their favorite social media sites. A social media conversation about a local business sounds more credible for average consumers.

Getting free referrals:

When you have your business page out there on Facebook, Twitter or any popular social media network, every like, tweet and +1 is going to be a free referral for your business. It acts as free advertising which is as good as mouth to mouth publicity. With such high activity social media sites in place, you can only imagine how many leads you can get.

Better communication with prospects:

The kid, who is normally shy for giving feedback at your shop, would feel more comfortable to talk on your business page online. You also have the chance to talk back to them, making it an effective two-way conversation. When you have communication with consumers intact, you have the best chances to protect your reputation at all times.

Indirect SEO benefits:

Social media activity generates more SEO signals than any other activity online. These signals are recognizable by search engines and hence make them rank you better. Every healthy backlink goes a long way in your huge SEO success. No matter how deliberately you try to build your SEO pyramid without social media, it’s just not possible.

Is your local business on social media? How did it help you in your marketing?