Can social media be used as an efficient tool for sales and marketing? Yes, of course, why not? Social media is probably the easiest method you can choose for promoting your small business or startup online. It is one of the most effective sales tools to develop in recent years. It is cost-efficient and has a vast outreach considering the world is now shifting online.

The internet has given the opportunity to small businesses to really expand and grow. When properly used by businesses, social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest can become effective and profitable sales tools.

Today, we’re discussing how you can use social media as a sales tool for your small business or startup.

Start by making a profile

When customers want to find you or learn more about your business, they will look you up on Google. So, in order to be found easily, it is advisable to make an attractive social media profile. You may not like it but your Facebook profile will be shown first but be rest assured that it will lead to your website as well. You can incorporate your website’s link with your Facebook page. Make sure to verify your contact details and address.

Drive traffic to landing pages

You can have great success if you divert the traffic from social media pages to your website and then to a catalog of your products. However, customers are getting lazier by the day. They want quick and easy user experience. Avoid long drawn shopping pages, and make an on-page shopping cart to keep them engaged.

Social selling tools

Find tools that will help you sell directly via social media. These tools will turn your profile into eCommerce-enabled pages. Users can make a purchase by leaving a comment in the section. It will automatically sync the paying platform with the main page. This makes it very easy for customers to complete the transaction.

Use Twitter to increase visibility

It would be a bad idea to ignore Twitter for sales. It is not just about sharing information anymore. The biggest brands have come up on Twitter because it gives a glimpse into the lives of people and their interests and likes.

Come up with catchy hashtags

Begin by going through the keyword analysis and select a few hash-tags that best capture your company’s spirit and its products and services. Then check out all the variations of all the hashtags you have chosen to identify the ones that are trending or enjoy the most popularity.

Become an industry expert

In today’s time, sales are more than just about selling. Sales professionals need to be data providers and consultants. As a new business player, you must use social media to establish yourself as an industry expert. Share relevant content, informative blog posts, videos, and other interactive content that your potential targets would find useful. If you believe that a particular piece of content would be of great value, share it on your social media platform. Your customers and potential targets will definitely appreciate it. More crucially, they will continue to come to you for data, making it a good chance that they’ll do business with you.

Consistency is key

You must be consistent when developing content otherwise the marketing tactic becomes stagnant and customers lose interest. Not just that, even the colors, logos, and fonts you use must be consistent as they help the customer associate those with your brand, thus make an impression on them.

Plan ahead by making a content schedule

The success of any campaign lies in planning. It is recommended that you plan ahead and make yourself a content calendar or schedule, thus saving yourself from the stress of having to come up with content ideas every day. Too much content sharing can cause people to dislike your brand, the focus should be more on offering content that solves the customer’s problems.

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