Have you ever wanted to gain an insight into what your audience really thinks about you? Well, look no further than Hyper – one of 2016’s hottest new tools for gathering opinions on just about anything!

What is Hyper?

Hyper (developed by Hyper, LLC) describes itself as a place for ‘Anonymous Confessions, Compliments, Questions and Connections’. It’s a chance for people to give honest feedback to a variety of posts within the app – all completely anonymously.

By using their anonymity as a shield, your audience on Hyper will feel more comfortable letting their guard down and being honest – whether their feedback is for better or worse!

Wait, so does this mean people are lying in reviews and comments?

While your current audience probably isn’t lying as such, you may find that they’re more restricted as to what they reveal on conventional sites or apps – such as social media.

They may feel as if they don’t want the confrontation should you reply to their comment or ask them for further information. In even worse scenarios, users may even worry that their negative feedback will lead them to become the target of keyboard warriors who identify as die hard fans of your brand! Yes, it really does happen!

How can an app like this benefit me as a business?

You’re more likely than not already familiar with the importance of market research and understanding your demographic, so the majority of Hyper’s benefit will no doubt speak for itself.

By using the app to gather honest feedback, you’ll be able to turn advice into a real strategy that can help you improve what you’re trying to promote. By altering it based on this advice, you’ll be creating something with a stronger appeal that will go down better with your demographic.

A little more about Hyper.

We’ve discussed the benefits, and now it’s time to learn a little more about Hyper and how it works.

Firstly, everything on Hyper is organised by a hashtag. You’ll be able to tag your posts with a particular topic, as well as subscribing to topics of your choice. This way, people can find you and you’ll be able to find similar posts that you may be able to learn from.

Once you tap on a hashtag, you’ll be presented with the hottest or latest (depending on your preference) posts featuring that particular tag.

Posts are in photo format accompanied by a description. This is your chance to post a photo, image or screenshot of whatever it is you want feedback on, as well as outlining any questions you’d like answered.

Anonymous users can then up-vote, share or comment on your post, answering the questions that can help you improve your product and strategy.

This sounds great, where can I get Hyper?

Hyper can be downloaded right away from the Apple App Store. Plus, it won’t eat into your digital marketing budget as Hyper is free to download!

Will you be using Hyper to do a little extra market research? Or, if you’ve already used Hyper, let us know how you got on. Did you find users on Hyper were more honest than your audiences elsewhere? Tell us in the comments section below!