You’ve probably already heard about how important it is to include video content as part of your social media marketing campaign, but it’s normal to feel a little put off by the popular recommendations for expensive, hi-tech equipment. After all – you’re a business and will want to be as careful with your budget as possible.
Although many online tips and articles suggest buying a $1000 camera, a high-end editing suite and setting up your own filming room or backdrop, it’s important to know that this is not the only way to go. Here are some of our top tips for making videos on a budget.


Your smartphone could be a surprisingly great tool.

While you may not think it could compare to a high-end camera, you’d be surprised at how valuable your phone could be regarding video production.
There are plenty of apps that allow you to edit your smartphone videos into movie-like clips. Plus, you can save your videos from apps like Snapchat and Instagram Stories to repurpose them elsewhere. 
Social media users are so used to seeing this type of content from brands that it will no longer look out of place or mediocre, so go ahead and post that Snapchat video on your YouTube channel or blog!

Animations are a great choice – and all you need is your computer.

There are plenty of places online you can create animations – and you won’t even need to download any additional software.
Sites like GoAnimate allow users to create high quality, fully customised animated videos that suit the look and feel of your brand.
You can choose from a wide library of components featuring characters, backgrounds and accessories. For soundtracks, either uses the computer’s ‘voice’ or record your own sound clips.
While the site like these will cost you a subscription fee, this is still a much cheaper option than buying a whole recording setup.

If there’s information you want to get across, consider a video presentation.

A slide show or presentation can easily be turned into a video for easy viewing, and will still count as video based content on your website, blog or social media pages.
This is great if you want to get across a large amount of information through a selection of text, images, charts and infographics.

With these ideas in mind, we hope you’ll be able to start creating quality content without breaking the bank. Just remember – there’s always a way to complete a task that suits the needs of your business.

Do you make videos on a budget? What are your tips and ideas for doing it affordably? Help other budget conscious business owners by sharing them in the comments section below!