social media tips for beginners

Wherever you go, you can’t get away from social media. Big businesses know how to harness the power of social media for exposure, but you, being a traditional business owner, may not be able to understand it straight away. To do social media marketing of your brand effectively, you need to know how to use social media properly, or your hard work could be in vain. Social media marketing has simple principles but being able to execute a successful campaign is something that takes more knowledge.

Social media should be considered a consistent way to attract new customers and keep the existing ones updated with new offers and product launches by your brand. You need social media presence to keep people interested. This can be through promotions, conversations and other engaging marketing techniques that keep people coming back for more.

Get expert advice

If you are not sure how to get started with social media, then you should consider getting an expert to do it for you. Social media can take up a lot of time, and this can mean that other aspects of your business may have to take a back seat. You can have the best of both worlds by getting a pro to do social media for you. The consultants know exactly what they are doing, and they will be able to manage the time better and increase brand exposure as a result.

Use popular social media sites first!

Rather than using not-so-popular sites, you should target the bigger ones as they will give you better results. They are simple to sign up to and you can be setting up your pages in minutes. You may not get immediate results, but you should not be discouraged by this as it takes time to build a following.

Also, as you are getting started, you should keep the tone relevant to the site you are using. LinkedIn, for example, is specific for professionals seeking other professionals, whereas Twitter and Facebook are more casual. Use special offers and other incentives to entice your audience. You can ask your audience to share your content for a chance to win an item in a prize draw, which motivates people to get involved and invite their friends too because they are getting something out of it.

The smaller sites are important too!

Although you should focus on the big social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, the smaller ones should also be included in your marketing campaign. A social network, no matter how small, suitable for the image of your company, will mean a more relevant audience for your brand.

Getting yourself on Google+ is also advisable as it is likely to increase your Google rankings. List yourself as a local business or brand page to help people use Google to reach you faster.

Knowing when and what to write

Posting regularly is a good idea. However, you should not flood the timelines of your followers or post things that are not relevant and/or interesting. Quality is always something you should put above the quantity of posts. If you have nothing to post, then concentrate on answering any questions your audience may have and post only when necessary. Use content that is rich in information rather than content that is boring or irrelevant. Keep it relevant to your image and product.

Make no mistake- social media is full of businesses like yours trying to market themselves. This means you have to work hard to get noticed. You will need to prioritise social media and ensure that you employ people to work on your online marketing strategies rather than try to take that on yourself on top of your other work commitments. By employing online marketing specialists, you can grow your customer base by targeting people that are actually looking for a service or product like yours.  

Don’t feel intimidated

Yes, social media can be overwhelming for you, but don’t feel intimidated. Social media isn’t a fad that’s going to disappear; it’s something that is going to keep on growing like the switch from horse and buggy to powered vehicles. All you have to do is get started and remember that there are professionals out there that can help. Big and small, companies are using social media to their advantage, which you can do too.

Social media is simple; it is just not easy. Even though you are not a tech savvy person, you can be successful at social media marketing with a little help. The key is to learn the basics and do the best with what you know. Then Learn more and do better!