Pinterest recently rolled out a new, updated look for business users – but what does this mean for their profiles?

You’ll be pleased to know that the new look is optimised for business success, making sure that your products and pins are the first thing to catch the eye of your visitors. Read on to find out what’s changed!

There’s a new rotating showcase.

Now, when Pinterest users visit your business page on the site, they’ll be greeted with a new rotating showcase that features the very best of what your Pinterest profile has to offer. It is located at the top of your page so it will be the first thing they see upon clicking on to your profile.

This gives you the opportunity to decide how you want to present yourself and what exactly it is about your brand that you’d like to promote. You’re in full control of your audience’s first impressions.

The showcase can even be featured on mobile devices. It will be where you used to see your most recent pins, so even mobile visitors will still be welcomed by the boards and pins you’ve chosen.

You can now feature up to five boards and buyable pins.

In order to control what your audience sees, you can now select up to five boards and buyable pins to feature at the centre of the user’s attention.

Your selected boards will have increased visibility, while your chosen pins will be highlighted in the first ‘Shop’ slot on your business page, providing an easy quick through link to the product’s page and making it easier than ever for the user to visit your site and make a purchase.

This means you’ll get to decide what you want your audience to seemingly stumble upon – so choose the pins and boards you feel will have the most impact from a marketing perspective, whether it’s a board featuring your latest and greatest releases or a selection of buyable pins featuring your top selling products.

Design is now more consistent across platforms.

In order to keep things organised, simple and consistent, Pinterest have ensured the same design is now featured on the web, on iPhone and on Android devices. This includes the boards you’ve showcased as well as the cover photos that you’ve selected for each individual board.

These are just a few of the latest updates Pinterest have implemented with business users in mind, so don’t forget to head on over and check them out. You may find they’re just what you needed to boost your Pinterest marketing strategy!

Do you use Pinterest for marketing and promoting your brand online? If so, what do you think of the new look and features? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so don’t be afraid to share them in the comments!