Since the internet involves a fast changing cycle, the web, content marketing and content curation are subject to change in order to get by at the right time and place. Content curation is an essential part in the content marketing technique.  It is one of the most practical solutions to make engaging and useful content to draw and reach your target audience regularly. Because it’s not a simple task to write timely and quality content regularly, you have to focus on using content curation into your content marketing. Here are some tools for content curation and content posting on social media: 

Our Favourite Content Curation Tools

  • Themeefy. Themeefy publishes and curates your tailored magazine containing your most favorite web content. You are permitted to add extra web links straight from the web page, include content from Facebook and Twitter, modify the theme and also edit the contents through uploading images and adding new notes
  • FlipBoard. This is an application for iPhone and iPad users to deliver their most favorite content into an engaging and beautiful personalized magazine.
  • This has become popular right after the departure of Google reader. This allows you to add content through topic, title, and URL.  This is a great help for aggregation of blog posts, but it does not pull in any other content like images, which could make it a comprehensive solution. This is available as premium and free version.  
  • Paper.Li. This is an app that turns you into a certified publisher through curating your Facebook, Twitter and modified web content into an interactive digital newspaper. Automatically, it works to update selected contents then publish them on the web on a regular basis.
  • Pinterest. Pinterest is not only for sharing delicious recipes, inspiring quotes and decorating options for your home, but as well a tool for visual content discovery which lets the user gather date for various topics or projects through developing your personal interactive boards. You develop your own boards and select other boards to follow in order to receive new inspiration and seek new ideas from others which have similar interests as your target audience.     

Tools Used For Sharing Content

  • Hootsuite. Hootsuite is a social media management system tool which can schedule messages, engage your audience, administer social networks and measure ROI from the dashboard.  At present, Hootsuite has more than eight million users. Hootsuite dashboard is readily available for thirteen languages.
  • Cyfe. Cyfe is a full-packaged tool for business analytics which links not only social media but all your online activities as well. This tool has widgets for various uses like blogging, advertising, monitoring, emailing, SEO, finance and sales, web analytics, social media and a lot more.
  • Sendible. This tool can schedule your future posts for social networks and bring all social media connections under a single roof together with SMS marketing integration (CRM) and emails.
  • Social Sprout. After signing up, this will ask you about the name of your business and timezone upfront. As you know, timezone could be tricky sometimes most especially whenever dealing with social media, that is why this tool is regarded for that feature. This permits you to sync your Google+, Feedly, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts.   

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