Social media promotion and search engine optimization can seem expensive for start-ups. What professional agencies offer is unparalleled by other free or low-cost services. But there are some ways to boost your business’s social media presence under a small budget too. Here are a few tips for it and threats involved in doing that.

Let’s look at points which can backfire when it comes to small budget promotion:

  • There are some free tools out there on the web preying on your niches while pretending to boost your social media presence.
  • Cost-effective, social media strategy works under a limited scope. There are chances you may have been penny wise and dollar imprudent.
  • Your low budget strategy could be just another run of the mill. You would have done nothing unusual to edge over competitors.
  • Overdone social media linking can bring negative results to SEO rankings of your site. Its tough job to increase the ranks again when it comes to SEO.

Having discussed the limitations and traps involved in a small budget social media strategy, emphasis by default goes to finding ways to do it right. Knowing right resources and importantly, knowing the right techniques gets the battle half won. If you closely look at the backfiring negatives, it’s easy to spot the right method for yourself.

Here is a list of counterattacking social media techniques to kick-start your campaign:

  • Keep an eye on trending and upcoming social media sites and be early to make your presence. You can just cross promote your existing followers there.
  • Develop quality content to support your social activity. It can be a Tweet, Facebook post, shared infographic or picture, just make sure you got quality.
  • Link your web page on every social profile you have, but cut down on linking at every post. As discussed, too many backlinks negatively affect your SEO ranking.
  • If you are an offline business, promote your online existence off the web too. Make sure to get your customers, friends, employees to know and spread the word.
  • Use free or low-cost tools to perform social media activities. Sites like Twuffer help schedule your tweets and posts. Keep an eye on Google Trends to know what the buzzword is.

How much budget do you plan to allocate for your social media marketing? Has this article helped you design it? Let us know in comments!