Snapchat can be a lot of fun, especially when you’re giving your audience a fun new insight into what goes on behind the scenes at your place of business.

But it’s more than just sharing a photo of your desktop or a quick Q&A with your CEO. If you’re going to use Snapchat seriously as part of your social media marketing campaign, you should aim to develop a strategy that focuses on building and maintaining engagement levels in the long term, as well as generating leads and achieving conversions.

Isn’t that the goal of any motivated business? These leads are essential for furthering your success, so here’s how to get them!

Use Snapchat to encourage actions – such as signing up or subscribing.

Once people get familiar with your content and show signs of enjoying it, they’ll be more likely to trust your opinions and follow you around the web. For example, you can ask your loyal Snapchat followers to sign up to your email list or subscribe to your blog or channel.

Build a rapport, and extend the conversation.

If you’re talking about a topic on Snapchat that generates interest amongst your audience, there’s nothing to stop you saying ‘let’s continue the conversation on Facebook!’ or another social network or platform of your choice.

This keeps the engagement alive and can draw in multiple users from a variety of platforms, ensuring people are talking about your brand.

Show off your products and services – and how they work.

People are most likely to stick with your brand in the long run if you can actually offer them something that others don’t.

Using Snapchat is an ideal way to show off your products and services. This could cover anything from the way they look to how they function in action. Offering this exclusive insight will put you above your competitors in a way your audience can appreciate.

Offer discounts or incentives that are exclusive to Snapchat.

Offering a discount or other incentive via Snapchat will soon have your follower count exploding, which can be helpful if you’re planning on redirecting your Snapchat viewers elsewhere.

This creates a larger audience that can then be driven to your website, blog or other social media channels. Plus, they’ll feel great about your brand knowing they’ve scored an exclusive discount!

Entice your followers with a contest or giveaway.

Everyone loves the opportunity to get something for free – especially online. That’s the reason contests and giveaways are so popular and have become a common choice for brands and businesses looking to increase their engagement levels and promote their products or services.

But by hosting a giveaway on Snapchat only, you’re driving more people to the platform – ready to see and experience all your other great marketing approaches.

By keeping your Snapchat account active and ensuring you always make an effort to include additional useful tactics such as these, Snapchat will soon become an integral part of your social media marketing campaign.

Have you ever considered using Snapchat for business? Or if you already do, what are your top tips for building engagement, generating leads and achieving conversions? Share your expertise in the comments, and you may even inspire a fellow digital marketer!