Social Media Management Tools

Successful social media activity of any business would come through listening and communicating with followers. No matter what’s your size of existing and the prospective fan base is, a two-way communication is of paramount importance. Getting organized should be your way to approach this challenge. Putting technology to use in this aspect can do wonders. Discussed here are a few Social media management tools that can help you optimize social media listening:

Social Mention:

Social mention is going to top any list in this genre. The effectiveness of this tool contributes to its popularity. It deceptively feels very much light on features and down the course you would explore its depth. It searches and tracks every mention of your brand’s website or content in the social media. All you need to do is to type out your domain name or content in its search engine. The inbuilt search engine is equipped with multi-level preferences and options.

Circle Count:

This is a Google+ specific social media management tool. Sole reason we have this on the list is due to the potential of Google+ in premises of social media promotion. Every +1 goes a long way in SEO and SMO success. Circle Count lets you analyze which posts of yours get most re-shares or +1’s. As you register the handle, Circle Count starts tracking your circles.


TagDef is a Twitter particular tool that comes with an easy-to-use interface. It takes the minimal internet know how to operate this tool. The theme of the tool is real simple. You can browse through various Twitter hashtags and learn what the trending word on the web is. Once you search your brand or product, you get a long list of traceable related hashtag suggestions.

Tweet Deck:

More than 50% of the tweets concerned with you come without hashtags. In other words, you just can’t track them with a low-level search. This is precisely where Tweet Deck comes into the picture. A real-time scan on Twitter with such ease is what Tweet Deck offers. Additionally it offers mini tools to manage multiple social media accounts of your business. 

Do you use these tools? We would love to know if you have few more tools to share!