Whether you’re learning digital marketing or a seasoned pro, it’s always helpful to review the essentials you’re expected to know within the industry.

Here are some must-know terms in an easy A – Z!

A: Analytics

This is the use of collected data to measure the success of your digital marketing campaigns.

B: Blog

Your own personal space to make journal style entries relating to your business or industry.

C: Content

Content is any media – for example, text, videos and photos that you are presenting to your online audience.

D: Domain

A domain is a name that identifies you online. It’s essential when looking to gain recognition.

E: E-Marketing

E-Marketing isn’t some new technique – it’s simply another word for digital or online marketing!

F: Facebook

The most popular social network to date! A Facebook page is essential for growing businesses.

G: Groups

A group is usually a community within a larger social network, with members gathering to discuss a particular topic or industry. You can use them to learn more about your audience.

H: Hashtag

A hashtag (#) is used to tag your posts on social networks, primarily Twitter. It allows users to find posts or tweets that may be of interest.

I: Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the practise of organically drawing in consumers through quality content and products.

J: Java

Java is a programming language that’s essential for cross-platform functionality. You’ll need a programmer to code the ideal site for your digital presence.

K: Keywords

Keywords are search terms entered by the end user. By ranking for relevant keywords, you can be sure they’ll find you.

L: LinkedIn

A social network for professionals. It’s essential for meeting other industry pros and conducting market research.

M: Meta-Data

This is the information in your HTML headers that can help search engines determine the topic and content of your site.

N: Natural Listings

Also known as organic listings, this is when your site ranks highly on search engines on its own merit – without any purchased boosters.

O: OODA Loop

OODA stands for ‘Observe, Orient, Decide, Act’. The OODA Loop approach started out in the military but is often used in relation to digital marketing and the need to research, create and take part in the best strategy.

P: Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click marketing is paying for advertisements that will be featured on high traffic sites such as Google, search engines or social networks. You will usually be charged by the number of clicks your ad receives.

Q: Query

A query is the text entered into a search engine.

R: Rankings

Rankings are how well your site ranks in social media searches. A high-ranking will result in more traffic!

S: Social Media

Social media covers online networking tools used for communication and content.

T: Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging social media platform used for short ‘tweets’ and engaging with other users.

U: Unique Visitor

A unique visitor is an individual user who has visited your site.

V: Vlog

Vlog is short for ‘video blog’. Instead of writing your content, why not film it?

W: Webinar

A webinar is an online, video-based seminar. These can be used to communicate with your audience or fellow industry members on a specific topic.

X: XML Sitemap

This makes it easier for a search engine to determine what your site consists of and how to rank it.

Y: YouTube

A social platform used to host videos and vlogs.

Z: Generation Z

This term refers to today’s generation, who grew up in the digital age. It’s important to understand them so you know who you’re marketing to and how.

While these are just a few terms you need to know, they’re a great start for memorising the digital marketing essentials.

Which terms do you think social media marketers need to know? Let us know in the comments!