When you measure the success of a social media marketing campaign, you’ll need to decide on how you’ll do so. This usually includes taking metrics into account and monitoring how much closer you are to reaching your set goals.

But which metrics should you be considering to gauge the success of your approach? Here are some to consider when analysing your Instagram campaign.

Follower Growth Rates

Tracking your followers is about more than just seeing how many followers you have. The rate in which you’ve gained those followers is also important.

By tracking your follower growth rate, you’ll be able to tell what you’ve done to encourage lots of users to follow – and future base decisions on that success.

Engagement Percentages

An engagement percentage is a way of measuring some likes and comments you have about your follower count. Try to determine what percentage of your followers are actually interacting with your content. If this is a low number, now is your chance to work out how you could increase it. For example, this could include asking your followers a question or hosting a contest with required interaction.

Engagement Averages

Working out the average engagement level per post is a great way to monitor how well your campaign is doing over a period, rather than just basing your data on one particular post.

To work this out, find the total number of likes and comments relating to your campaign posts, add them together, then divide this number by the number of posts in your campaign. That is your average engagement level per post.

URL Clickthrough Rates

Many users place an URL link in the bio of their Instagram profile, essentially creating an opportunity to turn Instagram followers into potentially paying website visitors.

Keep track of how much of your website traffic is coming from this link to determine how much of an impact Instagram is having on your overall business success.

Hashtag Growth and Interaction

There are a number of apps and online tools that allow you to keep track of hashtags – more specifically the hashtags you’re using as part of your campaign.

This will tell you whether the hashtag has become more frequently used and if so, how many times in total.

You may also wish to track your competitor’s hashtags if you’re looking to compare yourself against other industry pros.

By keeping track of these metrics, you’ll be able to make sure your social media marketing campaign is a success and is achieving the goals you’ve set to help your Instagram grow.

Do you keep track of these metrics? Are there any others you’d recommend keeping track of? Share your thoughts on Instagram metrics in the comments section below – we’d love to hear which ones you’ve used.