If you’re not yet using social media marketing tactics to promote your business online, you’re really late to the party. It’s time to get started and consider all the benefits that social media can bring to your business.

Or, perhaps you’ve already started social media in the past, but have let it slide over recent months. That’s okay – you just need a little convincing to get back into the swing of things.

Whatever your reasons are for not using social media marketing right now, read on to learn more about why you should change your mind.

1. Social media marketing can drive traffic to your site.

Social media can provide you with a big audience to promote to, so take advantage of that by posting regularly on your profiles and being sure to feature links to your website and products. As people begin to take an interest, your content will drive traffic to your site – from there, this could turn in to countless conversions.

2. It can also improve your SEO.

Search engines are paying more and more attention to social results, meaning they’re becoming more integrated with each update. Even Facebook and Twitter are now being considered search engines in themselves!

This means the content you post will contribute towards your brand’s SEO efforts as a whole, making you more discoverable and more likely to receive clicks from searches.

3. Engagement with your consumers will increase.

Communicating with your intended audience is key, as you’ll be able to understand more about what they like, what they dislike and what they want and expect from your brand.

Social media makes it easier than ever to get in touch with these consumers, as they can like, comment on and interact with your content, giving you a better idea of where they stand.

You can also use it to ask questions, gathering even more in depth information, as well as using analytical tracking tools that monitor their social media habits in relation to your page.

4. It will allow you to further your overall brand image.

Branding and consistency are key, so take that further by using social media. You’ll be able to enhance your profiles with your brand’s key colours, logos and content style, making it an extension of the image of your brand.

5. It’s mobile compatible, fitting into today’s lifestyles.

People nowadays are heavily focused on digital, meaning it’s more important than ever to promote yourself through mobile.

Most people have social media apps on their phones or other mobile devices, so by using it to market your brand, you’re reaching a wide number of mobile users who may not otherwise see what you have to offer.

After reading these points and ideas, will you be paying more attention to the way you present your brand on social media? It could be the kick start you need to start creating engagement and conversions through your online profiles and pages.

Tell us about your social media experiences in the comments – it may even inspire someone else to take action just like you did!