We have told you about how you can engage your potential consumers on social media. However, today, we will talk in detail about the types of campaigns you can run on your social media channels to attract consumers, as well as gain consumer loyalty!

Social media contests are a great way to get your potential consumers and brand lovers involved with you. This can lead to a massive conversation campaign with your target audience. There are plenty of formats you can work with and create new content ideas for your campaign.

Here are our top seven favorite social media contest ideas.

1. Surprise Follower Giveaways

This is one of the most straightforward social media contest to implement. 

  • Declare a giveaway contest on any of your social media platforms and let people participate in it. 
  • Set a goal as to when you want to stop receiving entries for your contest. It could be, for example, the day you reach a certain number of followers. 
  • Set a few rules for participation, like the person should be subscribed to your channel/ account. He or she should like your giveaway alert post and share it on their social media platforms. 
  • Then randomly pick out a winner and surprise them with gifts or opportunities.

2. Tag-A-Friend Contests

If you are looking to increase your reach on social media, this contest idea is going to work for you correctly. Ask your followers to tag their friends in your selected post, in the comments section. This can be done on Facebook or Instagram. You can then choose a winner and surprise them with a discount or free sample kits from your brand.

3. Guessing Games

This is one of the most accessible social media contest ideas ever! Just take a photo like a jar full of jelly beans. Then ask a question “how many jellybeans are there in this jar?” or choose something that is relevant to your brand. Then select the person who answers correctly or is the closest to the answer. This will be extremely fun, and you can expect much participation just for the fun of it.

4. Fill-in-the-Blanks Contests

This contest idea may seem like a #throwback to the past, but it works just as well even today. For this, you do not need a photo, just written content will do. Get creative, humorous, sarcastic, factual, or anything you wish to be, which is relevant to your brand’s image. Then ask participants to fill in the blank, for example, “My favourite way to use this product is _______.”

5. Try a Recipe Contests

If your brand is related to food, this is one of the best contest ideas. You can ask your followers to make a unique dish using one of your products. They need to make it, click a photo and tag your brand in it on social media. The most unique and quirky recipe from the entries will get a surprise hamper. This campaign will make sure that people buy your product to try and create a unique dish. That is a double benefit for you!

6. DIY Contests

If you are a company that sells kits or products which are used for DIY projects, this is one of the best social media contest ideas of all times. It is an evergreen method that will not only result in social media outreach but also sales. Put up a post on any of your social media platforms with one of your DIY kits and ask people to purchase it and make a sensible object out of it. Do not provide a manual and keep your product very simple. Whoever makes the unique object will win a gift for your company!

7. Video Contests

Just like any photo contest, ask people to record a video that shows them using any of your products. Tell them to share that video and tag their friends in it. Now pick a winner at random and surprise him or her with your goodies!


These were some of our best social media contest ideas for 2018. Of course, there are many more ideas, but these are inevitably going to take over the market this year. If you want to begin any such campaign, start today!