Getting a better insight into the content you share can be an excellent way of making improvements.  By using Facebook Video Insights, you can gain a more in depth idea of how well your videos are doing and what you could do to create higher engagement levels and exposure.

Here’s how you can use the feature to kick-start your video marketing strategy!

First, here’s how you find Facebook Video Insights.

Get started by familiarizing yourself with the tool and discovering how to access it.

  • First, log into Facebook and find your business page.
  • At the top of the page, you’ll notice the ‘Insights’ tab. Click it, and select ‘Videos’ from the navigation menu on the left.
  • You’ll then be shown your Facebook Video Insights, consisting of a performance graph. This graph shows you the number of views and minutes viewed for every video on your page, as well as a comparison between the past 7 days and the 7 days before that.

Found it? Great! Let’s move on.

Use the calendar to select your time frame.

Just above your graph, you’ll notice a drop down menu which allows you to select a specific time period. This is great if you want to see how your videos did during a particular time.

Check out your top videos.

You can also scroll down past your graph to see which of your videos were the highest performing, along with their stats.

Take a look at your video library.

Finally, if you click the Publishing Tools tab, you’ll be able to see your complete Facebook video library, alongside their viewer counts. There’s also a search function if you’re looking for one video in particular.

So, what can I do with this information?

Having access to this information can help you in a number of ways, allowing you to make well thought out decisions going forward. Here are just a few examples!

  • Check out the videos which were most successful to determine the sort of content your audience wants to see. You can then post more of this to keep getting plenty of views. If a video didn’t do so well, it may be that your audience doesn’t have as much of an interest.
  • You can get an idea of how your videos are performing as a whole and how much of your success is down to the video content you’ve posted.
  • Learn more about your reach and your audience by looking at your top audience (which will be listed by gender and age range) and top location (by country).
  • If you’ve paid to promote any of your videos, you can determine how much better they’ve done than your unpaid videos to establish whether the investment was worth it.

However you decide to use your insights, having access to them is essential for marketers to gain a deeper understanding of how their campaign is working.

Do you use Facebook Video Insights to learn more about your content? How do you use your data to your advantage? Let us know in the comments!