Small businesses are often in a lower position when it comes to advertising on a large scale. In most cases, they do not have pockets deep enough to both hold off big brands and pay expensive costs for high-competitive and high-volume keywords.

Google realized this harsh reality and soon began providing a solution for small businesses to try and balance the playing field: Google Local Services Ads. These are sponsored business listings that are eligible to be on display for service-oriented search queries.

What are Google Local Services ads?

Local Service ads give you the power to advertise your business on Google and receive direct leads from your possible customer. These ads appear at the top of Google Search results when people search for a given service in a given area. You will be taken to a different results page where you will see a list of people and local business people involved. Customers will be given the option of calling or sending a message to the person they want to get in touch with by clicking the ad. With the Local Services app, businesses can reply to messages, manage leads, track bookings, and manage campaigns and budgets. You will be able to view how well an ad is doing with the customers and see better ways to improve your outreach. The ads you run will be a way to get leads which you will eventually have to turn into customers.

Don’t worry, this is safe. Businesses that want to be a part of this will have to put all their employees through a background check. Only when your business is screened and approved, you will receive a Google Guarantee Badge which ensures trust and faith.

You are required to set a weekly budget which you’ll have to pay on average, and you’re charged a flat fee per phone call generated via these listings, which vary by the service category and geographic market.

Benefits of Local Services ads

Here is a list of the benefits that a Google Local Service Ad provides to businesses:

1. It increases your exposure

2. It gives you access to an easy-to-use management platform

3. You receive a Google Guarantee Badge which will make customers put trust in your brand

4. You will be able to connect with customers at the moment they are looking for the services you provide

5. You will not waste any time, as in this concept the customers choose you

6. There is a higher chance of you turning leads into potential customers

7. It is cost-efficient. The best part about these ads is that you only pay for the leads related to your business and the services you offer. You will have to pay if you end up getting a message or a call through that lead

8. Another thing with which you will not waste time is phony leads. You can take it up with Google dispute and they will rectify the situation

9. It will never exceed your monthly cap. Even if it does so happen, it will get credited back to you

10. You can also keep track of your expenses and track your progress weekly

11. Boosts organic traffic and paid ads

12. Great visibility on smartphones

13. Tailored to adapt to the requirements of online users

14. Lead management is simple

15. Customers can directly reach out via the ad in the form of a call, message, or booking. You will receive an email notification from the Local Services app whenever a customer tries to reach out to you via the ad

From a call quality viewpoint, Google Local Service Ads are definitely worth it. There is no cost to sign up or obligation to participate. If you’re a small business advertiser in any service industry with limited resources, we at Socinova recommend that you must give Local Service Ads a shot. There are more upsides than downsides given the results we have observed, and the potential for better lead quality via calls.

Local Service Ads are the source of leads that gives your local business the benefit it requires. So as long as your industry and location fit into the criteria and you have all the paperwork needed, you can begin showing up on local search result pages as soon as possible.

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