With so much access to mobile and the popularity of photo-based apps like Instagram and Snapchat, it’s no wonder there are new, similar apps popping up on a regular basis.

The latest of these is Shots – a photo app that specifically focuses on sharing selfies with friends. But what else does it do, and could it be a worthy competitor for Snapchat?

What is Shots?

Shots is an app available for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets designed to take on the selfie trend while promoting a healthy, safe approach to sharing your photos online.

The app uses the front facing camera only, allowing users to send ‘shots’ of themselves to their friends with a variety of stickers and backgrounds – similar to the filters and themes we see on Snapchat.

While users cannot comment on these photos (as on Instagram), they can chat freely within the app – just like Snapchat!

Why is Shots the ‘Comedy App’?

The developers of Shots have marketed it as a comedy app, suggesting that it allows users to create the ‘funniest content ever’.

When used, the app does have a stronger focus on humour than Snapchat – the intention being to make your friends laugh at your post. In a way, this may be a limiting concept as not everyone who uses these apps is looking for laughs. Many Snapchat users post serious content or in-depth looks at their products (if they’re a business).

Who can I market using Shots?

The downside to Shots is that your audience will be a little more niche. It is known for promoting anti-bullying campaigns and is popular with teenage users. This is likely down to the fact it was originally funded and promoted by teen pop star Justin Bieber.

However, this makes it ideal if you’re looking to promote your brand directly to a younger audience.

Is it worth it?

Right now, Shots doesn’t bring anything new and innovative to the table when compared to Snapchat and Instagram. But it certainly has potential in the event the developers choose to add a few new features and a slightly more varied approach. While Snapchat wins for now, Shots could be an app to keep an eye on.

Have you tried out Shots? Would you consider giving it a go, or will you be sticking with Snapchat? Share your opinions in the comments below!