If you love the idea of working with an influencer to promote your business but can’t afford the hefty price tag that comes with the most famous online celebrities, you may want to consider a micro influencer.

A micro influencer is a user that has enough of an online following to promote your brand to, but is not so popular that their rates become sky high. Read on to discover how to discover micro influencers and work with them to improve your reach.

The micro influencer you need might already be a fan of your business, so take a look at who’s following and engaging with you.

Take a look at who’s interacting with you on social media. Is there anyone who stands out or mentions you a lot? If you find someone with an active interest in your brand who also happens to have a fairly large following, they could be your next micro influencer. Ask them if they’d consider trialling a product in exchange for a promotion, or offer a monetary reward for a placement photo on their Instagram. However you decide to do it, this could be the perfect person.

Use hashtags on social media to find influential users who’ve already mentioned your brand.

Look through the hashtags that relate to your brand. If you look further at people who are using these tags, you may stumble across a micro influencer who would have a significant effect on your brand. This method can also be used to find micro influencers who aren’t aware of your brand, but are interested in and involved with your industry.

Search for bloggers in your area.

A quick search for bloggers in your area may find you the ideal person to become your next micro influencer, especially if you’re primarily marketing to people in your town or city. If local people are reading their blog, they’ll see any promotion they’ve done for you, directing them to your premises or website.

Use influencer tools to find your perfect match.

Using tools like BuzzSumo and Ninja Outreach can help you find influencers to work with by using relevant keywords. They’ll also present the number of followers the influencer has as well as a little about their engagement rates, meaning you won’t have to do as much hard work and research.

As for why you should be using a micro influencer, check out our top reasons:

  • A micro influencer can help you expand your reach for a very affordable fee – or even just a free product.
  • With the money you save, you may be able to hire multiple micro influencers each with their own unique followers – getting you the same reach a ‘big name’ influencer would anyway!
  • It’s a chance to promote your brand in a way that ensures existing fans (including the influencer) stay loyal to your products over time.

Have you ever worked with a micro influencer? Would you consider it? We’d love to hear all about your experiences, to share your stories in the comments section below!