Most of the startups and small businesses have two significant challenges; limited budget and limited workforce. While the internet has created convenience for eCommerce businesses, allowing many people to start companies with just a unique idea and a laptop, it has also created a connected world where social media channels can be used as an effective way of promoting your business!

Are you a new entrepreneur, or owner of a small business who is wondering about which is an apt social media channel for your marketing? Well, from Snapchat to Instagram, here’s an overview of all the big social media platforms which can help you!


According to a study, 60% of snapchat users are under the age of 24. It has more than 100 million users consuming 30 minutes of content per day. Snapchat is thus beneficial for businesses which target youngsters. Companies which create unique video content, release behind the scenes footage, or conduct interviews with prominent individuals can use snapchat as a mode of promotion to gain a loyal following. 


LinkedIn is no longer a place known only for job recruitment. It is a platform for building professional relationships. With LinkedIn, you can connect with like-minded individuals from your industry and get in touch with decision makers.

Remember, LinkedIn is mostly B2B or at least, focuses on the professional users. So LinkedIn is useful for you only if you sell products or services that cater to the professionals or businesses. It’s easy to use, and if you maintain quality and consistency, you can quickly become a pro at LinkedIn marketing!


Facebook is almost everywhere in the today’s world! Women and men between the age group of 25-54 make up 32% & 29% of Facebook users, respectively. With over 2 billion users worldwide, there’s hardly any business which can’t market itself on Facebook.

Create a business page on Facebook, update it regularly with relevant posts, videos, and pictures demonstrating your skills, products and try to get connected with the audience organically or with ads. It’s that simple. Simple, but not easy.

Also, you can join Facebook groups which are relevant to your field to grow your personal network.


Instagram has about 500 million users on the app and 59% of them are checking the app every single day. It’s undoubtedly a platform with significant engagement.  If you have a startup or small business, and you are trying to promote it through Instagram, then remember that Instagram is all about attractive visual content.

People scroll through thousands of photos every day but only stop at the ones that catch their eye. Unique and exciting videos also get a lot of engagement, especially animated ones. 

Instagram is fast, and you should be too. You should reply to comments and message as soon as you can to build trust. Also, don’t forget to use the Stories feature to drive engagement!


For companies with women-centric products or services, Pinterest is an excellent platform for marketing as most of its significant reach is among women. 42% of online women are Pinterest users. 34% of Pinterest’s users are between the ages of 18-29 and 28% are between 30–49. 

So, if your products and services include art, fashion, home decor, food, etc, Pinterest is your go-to destination to attract targeted traffic to your site. Also, with the Pinterest buy buttons, you can easily sell your products on Pinterest through Shopify or other supported tools.

After getting to know the basics, what do you think is the best social network for your marketing? Do you think you can handle your marketing yourself?

We at Socinova are a bunch of expert social medians who exactly know how to promote any brand through these platforms. If you’re looking to kick-start your social media marketing, contact us today!