Fake followers, to put it in simple terms, are pointless. While you may enjoy looking like you have a high number of followers, these worthless accounts do nothing but clog up your account, especially if you’ve unwittingly followed them back.

Not only are they useless, they also put you at greater risk of being targeted by phishers or spammers, reduce your social engagement and even risk the deletion of your account. Not to mention the fact a fake follower cannot be considered a potential consumer of your product, so there’s little point in keeping them around.

Luckily, you don’t have to sort through your followers individually to determine who may be fake and who is for real.

There are some web-based apps designed to help you evaluate your followers and remove the culprits.

Fakers was developed by Status People to track down fake or unused Twitter accounts. By logging in via Twitter, you’ll be able to view the percentage of your followers who are legitimate, allowing you to unfollow and block those who aren’t.

The app offers a free standard service which includes free unlimited use, plus 8 searches of other accounts, whether you select your friends or competitors.

By upgrading to premium, fake accounts can be blocked automatically and you’ll gain the ability to track up to 15 other accounts.


TwitterAudit is the brainchild of Dave Caplan and David Gross. It selects 5000 followers from your account, making it ideal for large businesses. It assigns each follower a score based on a selected criteria, such as follower ratios, the date of their last Tweet or the number of Tweets in total.

TwitterAudit can be used for free, providing your overall score at no charge, however there is also a Pro version which will allow you to hide your audit, block fakers and re-audit your account at a later date.


Socialbakers are a company specializing in social analytics. They offer a number of free social media tools, one of which is FakeFollowers, which will check 100 of your followers chosen at random against a set criteria.

The site will provide you with stats regarding these followers, including their spam percentage, follower-to-following ratio or inactivity.

Simply type in your Twitter username to get started. The site is free to use up to 10 times per day.


Specially designed for Instagram, IGExorcist by Michael Landers aims to locate ghost followers. These are any accounts that are inactive or which were created purely for spamming purposes.

It works by comparing your followers to accounts you’re following, gauging the interaction between them over the past 300 days.

You can easily log in to your Instagram account via the IGExorcist website completely free of charge. While the process takes a while as it examines each and every one of your followers, it also allows you to bulk delete inactive users, saving you time in the long run.

While these tools can be incredibly useful when clearing up your business account, you should also manually scan the fake followers before committing to a bulk delete. Occasionally, the system may label a genuine user as spam, especially if they use their Twitter account purely to follow their favourite celebrity or keep up with the news.

Have you ever checked how many of your followers could be fake? Tell us about the outcome below in comments!