Video marketing has gained its popularity with proven results to back its importance. YouTube is statistically the largest video search engine as well as the second best internet search engine. Time to time YouTube has been changing its search and ranking algorithms. It is thus important to sharpen your strategy and add the right techniques to your YouTube marketing repertoire to get results. In the year 2015, YouTube is updating its platform so you need to be aware of all the changes and formulate strategies according to it.

Listed here are the efficient YouTube marketing techniques for social media 2015:

  • Use plenty of short videos. Reports suggest not many people can be hooked on to a promotional video for more than 90 seconds. 60-90 seconds explainer videos are the perfect choice.
  • Use more visually appealing graphics and animation in your videos. Animated or cartoon videos gets more views than average. You can find a lot of digital tools to help perfect your animation styles.
  • Bid farewell to your conventional ‘Search Engine Optimization strategies’. Basic title, description, Meta tags is all you need. Invest more time into ‘Search Visual Optimization’.
  • Avoid the boring old school ‘Calls to Action’ styles. Spice ‘Calls to Action’ through more interactive methods in videos. With more than millions of mobile traffic every day, not many surfers like to check out on to your textual links in description.
  • Represent the video in the proper light. Use the thumbnails that would relate to the content. An over animated thumbnail looks fake, hence stick to a sober and precise one.
  • Cut down your time on cross promotion. YouTube is gradually strengthening its already established monopoly. It’s better to concentrate all your efforts in YouTube funnel alone. Cross-promotion on competitor sites like Vimeo is not worth your time.

Updated marketing techniques are the key to attain dominance in any hard niche. There are a few other niche specific techniques you should take care of, apart from the generic techniques mentioned here. Regardless of niches, it is vital to update your strategy time to time. To sum it up, a dead technique is no technique of effect.