Today, as a part of social media marketing, every brand dreams of running a campaign that popularises them. A social media campaign is a type of marketing activity that reinforces a brand’s awareness via ads or direct involvement of people on various social media platforms. These could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

So as we are nearing a new year, it’s time to look back at some inspirational ideas that will help us pump up our social media marketing research.

1. The Sound of Priceless – MasterCard

This campaign is first on our list and probably the best one in 2017, according to us. It was run by Master Card while sponsoring the Major League Baseball. In 2017, it was the first time in 71 years that the Chicago Cubs had made it to the Baseball World Series. Master Card took this opportunity to run ads with “The Sound of Priceless” campaign. It aimed to connect the Chicago Cubs fans by deriving focus on the team and involving discussions about them being in the biggest World Series of all times. 

Master Card then discovered a rumour. The campaign was to be based on how the Wrigley Field fans were not loud enough to be proper fans. 

So, Master Card built a unique sound meter app and placed in around the stadium and in the city. It measured the decibel levels of Wrigley Field fans. The data that was gathered was used to create a unique piece of content and released the film on social media channels when the Cubs won the finals. This campaign led to 5,27,000 views of the video and gave an engagement of 8,87,000. With an organic reach of 18%, it became Master Card’s most shared and re-tweeted video.

2. Know Your Lemons- Worldwide Breast Cancer

Worldwide Breast Cancer launched a campaign this year, called Know Your Lemons. It gave out information to a massive female audience about the lesser know warning signs and reasons why they should go for checkups regularly. This was a charity event with a standalone setup of members on Facebook where conversations regarding breast cancer would regularly take place.

Corrine Ellsworth Beaumont, the Director of Worldwide Breast Cancer, said: “It does not matter if you have a high literacy level if you can’t read, you can just see the image to save your life.” 

Through the visual power of social media, the campaign was successful in spreading awareness about this matter. This imagery was easily understandable without knowing any language. This helped the Worldwide Breast Cancer exceed their fundraising target by 317%.

3. Tasty- Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a media company with massive following on social media. It began on Facebook and expanded to other platforms over time. It launched Tasty, a social media channel which had reached to 52 million likes and 2.2 billion views since July. The target audience is ‘foodies’ or cooking enthusiasts who get appealed by Tasty’s mouthwatering recipe series. This series delights viewers through the quick and easy to make food ideas. Their videos are efficient, impossible to ignore and have a massive following on Facebook. Because of the popularity of the Tasty campaign, Tasty Junior and Nifty was launched as competitors.

4. Taco Bell Cinco de Mayo Snapchat Filter

This campaign was led by Taco Bell who fulfilled Snapchat users’ Cinco de Mayo fantasies. They created a bizarre filter that allowed people to look like a taco! Taco Bell has always been using Snapchat for marketing and has been famous for the Quesalupa as part of their Super Bowl campaign. This year, they launched the Cinco de Mayo campaign that went live only for one day and resulted in the most viewed Snapchat lens ever! 224 million times in one day, to be precise. In fact, it generated a whopping 12.5 years’ worth of play in just a single day.

5. Multichannel & VR – Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a British luxury clothing retail chain that ran a campaign to interest its followers and refresh the brand. They developed a sitcom named “Keeping up with the Baker’s.”  It played on Instagram stories, episodically for eight days.

Eventually, this campaign was turned into a 360-degree movie where characters owned items that could be purchased from the brand. It narrated the story of the Bakers family. They also engaged the audience on social media and asked followers to come up with endings to gain prizes. The added VR elements raised curiosity and made viewers live the Baker’s world via a shoppable film. The movie’s trailer was viewed 1.9m times, getting it 19000 likes on its social campaign!


These campaigns have been a massive hit in 2017. With the advancements in technology, marketing tactics are surely going to surprise us in the coming year 2018. The only thing that will remain constant is social media! 

So strap on your seatbelts and prepare yourself for the 2018 rollercoaster. If you need any help in managing your social media accounts, get in touch with us. We are a team of social media geeks, ready to boost your social media presence!