With so much buzz around the world of social media, it’s no wonder new social networks are appearing so frequently.

But some of them may not be as new as they seem! Occasionally, we may see a new idea pop up that’s actually been popular before. Take Bebo for example!

Wait… what was Bebo?!

If you’re not old enough to remember Bebo, it was a social networking site that began back in 2005. Aimed at a younger market, the site was cool and customisable, giving users the opportunity to create a profile, write blog posts, upload their photos, share messages with their friends and more. In fact, it wasn’t dissimilar to the original Facebook!

Although Bebo enjoyed great popularity around the world, it soon lost out due to multiple owners and a lack of direction. It was repurchased in 2013 by Michael and Xochi Birch and has been completely reformed!

But the new version of Bebo isn’t quite how you’ll remember.

So what’s this new Bebo, and what can it do?

The new version of Bebo has been around since 2014, but it’s only now starting to gain the high level of recognition the site once had.

Promoted by the slogan ‘swipe to chill’, Bebo can be easily downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play. 

But what exactly does it do?

Essentially, Bebo is a messaging service that allows users to use a customised avatar to represent themselves. You can chat with friends just like you would on any other messenger app. 

So what’s different about it? 

Similar to Twitter, Bebo makes use of hashtags – but in a slightly different way. Different tags (when used in the chat) trigger different reactions – such as animations, videos, pop-ups, or even games you can play with your friends, all of which feature you as your avatar!

It’s a fun way to chat with your friends while making the most of these unique interactions.

Do I need Bebo?

For now, probably not – most of these features are already taken care of by Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and the like. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t download the app and have a little fun! Knowing about the latest apps and technologies is a big part of being a social media marketer, so check it out and see what’s trending in the social world!

Have you been using the new and improved Bebo? If so, we’d love to hear all about your experiences! If not, will you be downloading it and giving it a try? We’d love to know, so keep us updated in the comments!