As businesses make decisions regarding paid advertising on social media, Facebook and Twitter are often the first to be considered. While these networks are certainly popular, other well-known sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are often overlooked.
As of 2015, Instagram boasts over 300 million active users, while Pinterest is set to hit 50 million in the United States alone over the next year. While these platforms may not match up to the 1.44 billion active Facebook users each month, they’re certainly worth considering.


This year, Instagram began to add new call-to-action buttons and targeting capabilities such as ‘shop now’ and ‘install now’ links.
These buttons will appear underneath photos posted by online stores, apps or other businesses who offer a product or download. Often, users will be enticed by the photo but have no direct link to the product that took their fancy. With the addition of these buttons, they’ll be able to click once and be redirected to their purchase.
This method is likely to become a success, especially with how visual and fashionable Instagram has become. Many young people use the platform to follow brands and celebrities they’d like to emulate. The buttons will allow them to instantly satisfy their shopping needs without the longer steps of using a traditional e-commerce setup.
While they may not yet appear to all users, the buttons are currently being tested and will be making a widespread appearance shortly.
Instagram is also aiming to improve sponsored posts throughout the site. Sometimes, sponsored posts become littered with angry comments from users who feel the advertisement is irrelevant or unnecessary.
As a result, future sponsored posts will use a targeting strategy imported from Instagram’s parent company, Facebook. The posts will become more relevant to individual users and hopefully reduce the number of users complaining about the content.
Finally, Instagram will be working with Facebook’s Marketing Partners in order to encourage more advertisers to utilise the platform and promote their company ads.


Instagram is not the only social network to receive marketing upgrades in 2015. Pinterest recently announced the introduction of ‘buyable’ pins. These pins feature products from around the web, with the addition of a ‘buy it’ button in the corner of the frame.
This button allows the user to click on a product they’re interested in and be taken directly to the site that sells the product. They’ll then be able to add it to their basket and check out as normal.
Additionally, by promoting your products through a dedicated board on Pinterest, you’ll be garnering attention from a wealth of users. You should try to ensure you select the correct categories and tags to represent your pins. This will lead to more users ‘stumbling’ across your pins through their searches.

What do you think of the steps Instagram and Pinterest are taking to improve their marketing? Have you used Instagram or Pinterest to promote your product or service? Let us know if your campaign was a success!