When you work in social media marketing, you have to be aware of any new marketing tools that start to spring up – including new features on current social media platforms.

Today, specifically, we’re talking about Twitter. You may have seen the terms ‘Conversation Ads’ and ‘Instant Unlock Cards’ pop up from time to time – especially since the introduction of the latter in August. But now it’s time to learn what they are and what they do.

What are conversational ads? 

Conversational ads are ads that simply spark a conversation. Anything that gets people talking about your brand is a good thing. These ads encourage users to take part and interact with your profile in some way, giving you the chance to get them involved and encourage sales.

What are instant unlock cards?

Twitter’s new instant unlock cards are a type of conversational ad. They give users an incentive to interact – by doing so, they can unlock access to exclusive content (such as a video or Q&A).

How do they work?

There are a variety of ways brands could use these ads to create engagement. This is usually done by asking Twitter users to tweet using a specific hashtag that represents your brand, campaign or project. This allows them to enjoy the rewards while you benefit from increased exposure and higher levels of interaction on your page.

What is the eligibility for Conversational Ads and Instant Unlock Cards?

Sure, they sound awesome – but the downside is not everyone is eligible to use them. Are you?

Currently, Twitter is only making this option available to medium to large sized businesses. If you’re unsure of whether you’re able to use conversational ads, check out the Help Center, where you’ll learn how to set them up and see if the feature is available to you.

We hope that eventually, these ads will be available to solopreneurs and small businesses too!

Are there any examples from popular brands?

Need a little more convincing? We’ve got you covered. Here are some examples of popular brands that have recently used Conversational Ads and Instant Unlock Codes in their campaigns.

Coca-Cola recently asked its followers to tweet using the #ShareaCoke hashtag. Upon doing so, users could watch an exclusive video featuring Selena Gomez.
Dove India created a similar ad, encouraging users to use the #PledgeRealBeauty tag. Anyone who used the tag could access further content behind the campaign.
UFC created an ad disguised as a poll, asking users to vote on who they’re supporting in an upcoming match. They actually got Monster Energy involved too, by having Monster post the tweet, and UFC re-tweeted it! This ended up promoting both brands effectively through teamwork.

So, if they’re good enough for the big brands, perhaps it’s time your business gave these ads a try too!