Socinova will provide free social media setup to 100 affected businesses by June 2020 as our small effort to help the small business community.


The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly spreading, with new reports flying in every minute. As the situation progresses, many small business owners are unsure as to what steps to take to reduce risks, protect employees and support clients.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce offers a coronavirus toolkit with a collection of the CDC’s business and worker guidelines around the world.  Below are the key points and the CDC’s suggested immediate steps.


1. Establish a remote work option  

With plenty of people already working remotely, there are a lot of free tools business owners can utilize so that teams can stay in touch and keep working even if they aren’t in the same place.

Implement a remote work policy that covers when you expect your team to be online or available, how to communicate (via email, Slack, or video call, for instance), and what deliverables each team member handles completing.

2. Reduce meetings and travel  

Try to keep opportunities for exposure to the virus to a minimum. Postpone any team meetings or hold them virtually. Skip any conferences or other planned business travel. If your workers get sick because of travel or meetings, you could have a liability issue on your hands, or you will have to manage low morale and sick leave requests.

3. Give employees flexibility  

Schools across the world are closing, as are offices, stores, businesses and commercial centers. With the world slowly moving toward total lockdown, you will need to be flexible with your employees’ time. Some team members may have to leave unexpectedly if their child’s daycare closes. Others may have students who come home from school for spring break and aren’t able to return. Try to be as understanding as possible when something comes up and have a contingency plan in case you suddenly become short-staffed.

Communicate transparently with your customers  

Everyone is facing this crisis together, so be transparent about what your business is going through. Customers can empathize with brands facing a crisis, as long as you communicate with them properly.

As Harvard Business Review reports, “When customers are separated from the work that’s being done behind the scenes to serve them, they appreciate the service less and then they value the service less.” Describe the steps you’re taking to mitigate risk and give them insight into the steps you’re taking to help the community.

Coronavirus Guide for Small Businesses: Be obsessive about hygiene  

Stop the spread of the virus by following these health and safety tips from the CDC.

  • No handshakes: Use a non-contact method for greetings.

  • Wash your hands: Employees should wash their hands when they arrive and every time they enter the premises, as well as frequently throughout the day.

  • Try not to touch your face, and remind employees to do the same

  • Constantly and regularly disinfecting surfaces, including doorknobs, handrails, the POS system, tables and desks.

Keep your employees and your customers safe by being as proactive as possible about cleanliness.

Socinova is committed to our clients, hence we’re working totally remote to deliver full service.

We will also provide free social media setup to 100 affected businesses by June 2020 as our small effort to help the small business community.

This will hopefully help them explore new ways of marketing which they didn’t use before.

As a part of this service, we will:

  • Create their Facebook page & optimise it fully so their current customers & prospects can easily find them online
  • Upload their business/products photos to their Facebook page so these can be shared online to gain traction quickly
  • Provide initial training to help them make the most of their new Facebook page and get their business back on track. 🙂

All you need to do for this is to contact us via email at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you after having a quick call.

We thought helping and being of service to others is a positive way to counter the anxiety and negativity swirling around in the media constantly.

Look around and consider how you can step up and be a leader during this challenging time for the world. Stay safe.