In case you missed it, Facebook introduced ‘Embedded Posts’ back in August, with the goal to ‘make it possible to bring the most compelling, timely public posts from Facebook to the rest of the web’. This means the same story will be visible in multiple places – which can have a number of benefits for you and your business.

Now we’ve had a while to get to grips with this helpful new tool, let’s take a closer look at how it works!

What are Facebook Embedded Posts?

Facebook’s new Embedded Posts allow users to add their public posts from Facebook to another online location – such as their website or blog.

These posts could be anything, including updates, pictures, videos, GIFs, notes, even nothing but a hashtag! Literally, anything can be shared as a public post.

Once this has been embedded elsewhere, it can be viewed by the rest of the web – who will also be able to like and share the post directly from its embedded location.

Why use Embedded Posts?

You may be wondering why you should share the same post elsewhere when it’s already been posted on Facebook. Here are just a few reasons for you to consider!

1. Not everyone uses Facebook, or will see your post in their feed.

Firstly, not everyone uses Facebook. It may seem like everyone does nowadays, but there are still a lot of people who don’t check the site on a regular basis.

You also need to consider the fact that even though your audience may be on Facebook, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve liked your page. And even if they have – who’s to say it’ll appear in their feed?

It’s always good to have a backup – and featuring the post elsewhere is a good one.

2. It saves users time and effort, making them more likely to interact with your content.

People are less likely to do something if it’s going to cut into their browsing time too much. After all, they don’t have much to gain from clicking a link and waiting for a new page to load just so they can click ‘like’.

By having the post readily available to view and engage with on your blog or website, those who see it will be far more likely to hit the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons.

3. More visibility and engagement will lead to more conversions.

Your content is probably geared towards conversion in some way – whether it’s singing the praises of your products or simply letting users get to know your brand a little better.

Either way, the more people that see it, the more opportunity you have for conversions.

4. Embedded posts ensure your website comes across as fresh and updated.

You may not have time to create separate content on a regular basis, so by including your Facebook content, you’re still ensuring that there’s always something fresh and new on your site for visitors to enjoy.

So with those points in mind, will you be trying out embedded posts for business? If you do, don’t forget to tell us about it in the comments section below. We’re always excited to hear about our readers’ ventures and success