As anticipated, Facebook introduced its new ad platform: Atlas. Do you have any idea about this new ad platform used by Facebook? What about its features? You are certainly excited to know more about Atlas, right? Read on and learn more about this very interesting subject.

The shocking truth about Atlas

Facebook came up with a very interesting idea. A new way to make money off anyone’s data. The launch of Atlas is certainly a great thing for advertisers, not only because it is mainly an ad platform, but it brings a very lucrative opportunity for them to make and earn money. With Atlas, advertisers can take advantage of the following:

  • It allows the advertisers to harness the data of Facebook about you to target you on any non-Facebook apps and sites, with advertisements not bought through Facebook. Once again, those aren’t Facebook ads and also, they will never be shown on Facebook. But, they will be drawing on the entire Facebook’s knowledge about you as a person so that you will be targeted.
  • If you logged into your Facebook account using a phone, Facebook linked your ID number to your account. Hence, when you make use of another app or you use a different browser in just one particular device, the computers of Facebook will still know that it is you and so, Atlas would be able to make use of that information to help those advertisers in reaching you.
  • Atlas provides people-based advertising, helping all marketers in reaching people across various devices, publishers and platforms.
  • Atlas can also connect all the online marketing campaigns to those actual sales offline. This will ultimately provide true impact which digital marketing campaigns do have in driving new sales and incremental reach.
  • Atlas was rebuilt and changed into an entirely new code base, made equipped with excellent user interface that has been primarily designed for present world’s hectic traffickers and planners. All the available measurement and targeting capabilities are certified built-in. Cross-device advertising has been made easy with those new and cool ways to evaluate media performance focused on people for measurement and reporting. This important data could result in improved optimization decisions and options to make your budget for media even more efficient.

Atlas is a subsidiary of the famous social networking site, Facebook, obtained from Microsoft in 2013. This platform is mainly dedicated to providing services in internet marketing. This advertising platform that is now getting famous has been originally built and developed by Razorfish, serving many ad impressions every day. It features a host of tools that advertisers can use to manage, serve, measure and track the marketing campaign’s performance. The tracking cookie has been served and provided by Atlas. This new ad platform of Facebook also gives an API which permits all customer applications to create as well as manage programmatically the advertising campaigns, access the performance data, produce impression reports and open account information.

Did you use Facebook Atlas platform? What new things did you notice?