Nowadays, marketers are facing various social media marketing challenges during implementing their social strategies— to remain relevant, to build professionalization, to reach out, to win and sustain confidence, to reduce noise, etc. And with ever-evolving social media platforms, maintaining a balance in social media marketing has become one of the biggest challenges facing social media marketers. 

Today, we’re mentioning three social media marketing challenges that most marketers are likely to face, along with tips for overcoming them in 2020.

1. Measuring ROI 

Social media marketing is not being spared when it comes to measuring the return on investment. Marketers have to continually check the techniques and tactics they have implemented. In fact, this has come to be the most difficult things for a social media marketer.

What you can do: 

1. Identify the key performance indicators

2. Compare social media goals to overall business goals

3. Set up analytics for performance tracking

Doing all this is time-consuming, particularly if you want to do it on a daily and weekly basis. But it is highly required indeed.

2. Balancing Privacy and Personalisation  

Marketers are now caught up in the personalisation Privacy paradox. Personalising social content and interactions and generating meaningful engagement are crucial to the delivery of enhanced customer experience. Marketers, on the other hand, should be attentive to the confidentiality of consumers and not disturb their lives.

What you can do: 

1. Offer your customers more control over who can collect and store their information.

2. Communicate with consumers what information you used to make decisions in the context of a campaign and gather their data. 

3. Let them share their data and explain how data will help you create flexible & adaptive journeys.

4. Provide personalised recommendations, and provide dynamic content.

3. Designing a social Media Strategy that ‘Works’

When more than 3 billion people are worldwide using social media, social media marketers surely can not ignore social media as one of the biggest marketing channels.

It is a huge challenge to develop the best social media strategy in a crowded market like today. Brands need to invest in their social media marketing campaigns to improve interaction and eventually lead the way.

What you can do: 

1. Make clear goals for more effectiveness

2. Revolve all campaigns around your audience

3. Monitor competition

4. Track measurements for continuous improvement

If you’ve been part of the social media marketing universe, you must be aware of the fact that you have to face many challenges on your way to good social media marketing.  

Learn how to adopt technologies such as social media management tools, automation, time management and software to monitor your social media performance. 

It will help you handle your social media marketing challenges in a better way.