You may have already noticed that Twitter has recently gone for a new look.  While the differences are fairly subtle, they’re still enough to show that the pros behind Twitter are taking notice of how the site could be updated and improved.

Twitter has stated that the latest updates were a way to improve the user experience, stating ‘We’re refreshing our product and making it feel lighter, faster and easier to use.’

So, what’s actually new? Read on to find out!

Profile pictures are now round – not square.

You may have noticed a trend around the web for round profile photos rather than square ones. Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ have all gravitated towards circular images.

Twitter is the latest to join the trend, but you shouldn’t have to worry about updating your profile photo. As it is only the shape that has changed, rather than the size (it is still recommended you use a photo size of 400 x 400 pixels), the central part of your image should remain in clear view.

There’s a new side navigation menu for the iOS app that allows simpler browsing.

The side navigation menu was a big hit when it was introduced to Android last year, so it’s no surprise Twitter have now brought it to iOS. The menu encompasses your accounts, profile and settings in one place, reducing clutter and tabs.

Fonts have been updated for a more consistent look.

Twitter has created a more consistent look and feels through their typography, as well as making headlines bolder to make it easier to keep track of the latest updates.

Icons have been switched out for new, more intuitive styles.

Twitter icons have been known to be a little confusing – especially for first-time users. For example, Twitter has claimed that people often mistook the ‘reply’ icon for a ‘back’ or ‘delete’ button, due to the fact it was a backwards facing arrow.

Now, the reply button icon is a speech bubble – something we can all associate with conversation.

Tweets now update in real time.

Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android now allow users to view dialogue in real time as tweets will now instantly update with any replies – as well as their retweet and like counts. This means you can watch conversations live as they happen, almost as if you were face to face with participants!

Most of these changes (such as the round profile photo) have already been rolled out – so you’ll be able to spot them on your profile right away. If you haven’t noticed others coming into play yet, don’t worry – they’re on their way!

What do you think of the latest changes to Twitter? Do you think they’re going to improve the user experience? Share your opinions in the comments!