Snapchat is one of the amusing social media tools with utmost creative concept. The mobile app allows you to send or share photos and videos. The only catch or blessing is your photo getting deleted in some seconds. Senders get to choose how many seconds the photo is going to stay alive. Without leaving any traces or record, Snapchat is the stress-free channel to share whatever you like. This channel tends to be one that belongs to this millennium and tends to keep the youth hooked up. Nevertheless, make no mistake; this is just not a buddy-to-buddy app alone. Businesses can reap some promotional and marketing benefits through this, and few companies have already started their journey. Here are your five reasons why you should essentially include Snapchat in your business portfolio:

Low competition sounds attractive:

Snapchat doesn’t have too many competitors at the moment for the kind of audience it managed to gather. Most businesses have still not put a foot in Snapchat, leaving you to ride on the early mover advantage. Summing it up, this is one channel you shouldn’t probably miss now.

New tool, New flavor:

Snapchat has defined a complete new grammar for a social tool. The concept is very new, and it has succeeded in getting a good reception. Adding this tool into your repertoire makes your company look cool. Speaking in the language of youth takes effort, and Snapchat helps you crack the code.

Driving fans and followers:

Driving your already built circles, fans and followers is easy when it comes to joining Snapchat. They would be ready to go cross-platform for Snapchat, since this tool is interesting and not another run-of-the-mill.

Exponential growth of Snapchat:

The growth of user-base at Snapchat is another attractive factor for marketers. No smart marketer would like to miss out on running grounds into an emerging tool. The high growth in user-base hasn’t failed to deliver for adaptive marketers at all.

High lifetime value of followers:

Most Snapchat users are youth and teens. If you have a Snapchat user hooked up with your brand, it will translate to the benefit of having a consumer for decades. Young users share social messages like crazy too.

Will you be using Snapchat for your business? Let us know what made you take this decision!