We recently reported that Instagram had begun to allow users to include links in their Instagram Stories. Now, Snapchat is doing the same. You can now include a link in your Snap, which is not really surprising considering the rivalry between the two apps!

If you use Snapchat to promote your brand and would like to include a link for your followers, here’s how to do it.

The ‘no links’ rule is gone for good.

Snapchat previously had a rule against links, stating that no links at all were allowed in Snaps or Snapchat content – unless it was a paid ad campaign or part of Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ element. This has now changed completely thanks to Snapchat’s new ‘Paperclip’ feature!

What is Paperclip?

Paperclip is a new feature from Snapchat which allows you to attach a web link to a Snap before sending it to your friends.

When other users receive your snap, they’ll be able to simply swipe up to view the attached website in Snapchat’s own dedicated web browser. Simple!

How do I use Paperclip?

It’s easy to use Paperclip to add links to your snaps. First, head over to the Vertical Toolkit within Snapchat and tap on the new Paperclip button.

You’ll then be prompted to enter your desired link. This could be anything you’d like – your website URL, an event or promo invitation, or even just a funny picture or meme. The only rule is that the linked content must stay in line with Snapchat’s user terms and community guidelines.

Once the link is added, you can create your Snap as normal and send it off for your followers to enjoy.

But that’s not all that’s new!

In addition to links, Snapchat have also introduced backdrops and voice filters to the app, allowing you to add new creative elements to your Snaps and Snapchat Stories, so why not give them a try and create something new?

Backdrops allow you to cut out part of your snap – such as an object or area – and add a pattern or background to it to make it stand out. This has likely been added due to the current popularity of similar tools such as Patternator.

Voice filters essentially change the sound of your voice. You may have already experienced this through certain filters that included fun sound effects, but you can now add these new and fun voices to any snap.

Neither of these features are available on Instagram yet, so we’ll just have to see how long it is before Snapchat’s biggest competition catches up and adds something new!