Influencer marketing has seen much progress in the past few years, and we believe that 2018 will see more of it. Influencer marketing is a strategy wherein focus is set on influential people rather than the target audience as a whole. It is a form of indirect advertisement with selected influential people to help their audiences experience your brand’s product or service. These ads are generally done in the form of social media campaigns. 

Social media plays an important role here, because through social media networks, a large number of audiences, especially youth, can be targeted. Besides, today, almost everyone prefers to indulge in social media activities. 

Influencer marketing generally leads to higher conversion rates since it involves audiences’ favourite people- the influencers. This also increases a sense of curiosity and ‘involuntary liking’ for your brand in the audiences’ mind.

So today, as we gear up with new marketing strategies for the year 2018, let’s take a look at some of the best Indian influencer marketing social media campaigns from 2017!

1. Nykaa

Nykaa is a cosmetic brand established online. In September, the label released a series of videos on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube featuring influencer and veteran comedian Rohan Joshi. It presented him in a very unlikely scenario where he took up the #MakeupChallenge and applied makeup on model Shivani Singh. It represented Joshi hilariously struggling with makeup application. The video received more than 30k views on Instagram!

2. Parle

Parle launched #ApniDiwali on Instagram as a part of their Diwali campaign. Here, they collaborated with food bloggers who shared lip smacking Diwali sweet recipes made with Parle ingredients. Various influencers had shared amazing recipes like- Kaji Barfi with Parle Twenty Twenty cookies by Food of Mumbai, Happy Happy Choco Shake by Food Manic India, and Crunchy Parle Bakesmith Marie Choco Ladoos by The Crazy Indian Foodie. The campaign was a huge hit on Instagram.

3. Tata Steel

Tata Steel started a campaign on social media- Doors of India. This was an initiative to promote their new launch- Pravesh Steel Doors. This campaign included prominent travel influencers from India- Shubham Mansingka and Swati Saxena. They traveled across the diasporas of Indian geography, experiencing shades of their dialects and culture and photographing stories of prominent doors on their trip. This was a very successful campaign.

4. KFC India

In India, KFC created a buzz about their double down burger. Before its launch, the brand collaborated with influential food bloggers like The Mumbai Foodie to create curiosity on social media about the new burger.  After the launch of the burger, KFC invited social media influencer to try the unique delicacy. One of the influencers was Buzzfeed where the staff members tried and reviewed it. 


Influencer marketing definitely has a bright future in social media marketing. It will be a massive success for your brand if you plan it strategically. 

If you want to create such influential marketing campaigns on social media, get in touch with us. We’re here to provide all the professional help you need!