Recently, Snapchat issued an official statement, explaining its upcoming 2018 redesign. Here, Snapchat will be separating the ‘social’ from ‘media’. Snap users will be seeing a difference in their user interface wherein the content streams will be separate. On the left side, users will view content from their ‘friends’, the people and brands they know and those that follow them back. On the right, users can ‘discover’ new content from publishers, creators, and brands. As a part of the update, Snapchat will focus on including verified influencers in the ‘discover’ section, which will add new considerations and brand distribution. 

Since its launch in 2011, this will be Snap’s most significant design shift. It is going to prove Snapchat’s investment in evolving the platform for both, users and advertisers, which it aims to.

So, here are a few instant peeks in the future for Snapchat Marketing!

1. This update is sending a clear message to marketers: Get ready to pay.

Previously, brands could get a massive reach as their content could be included among the users’ friends. However, the new design of a separate social and media tabs means that brands will no longer have easy access to the masses like they earlier did. This is because brands will not be able to show up in the primary feeds of users. Thus, just like Facebook, they might have to pay to play to reach out to a broader, potential audience. Promoted stories will show up between organic posts though, like they always have.

2. Community management is going to be way more important.

By introducing a new section only for brands, Snapchat is attempting to make every user’s experience more social. The brands have to give a #followback to Snap users for them to be able to view their brand stories. Earlier, brands had made considerable investments in building their followers while taking no efforts in following their fans back. Now, all brands will be forced to better their community management skills and analyse techniques on how to engage their fans. This would mean that brands might have to ‘follow back’ for engagement.

3. It will introduce a creationist approach by focusing on influencers.

Snapchat has announced that they will include verified influencers in the ‘discover’ section, as a part of their redesign. This means that the influencers will be encouraged to create content on the platform by receiving more reach. Snap will also be providing the influencers ways through which they can monetise their content. Snapchat has even hinted at prioritising creators who have a good influence in their world and is smartly allowing big names to create content that will drive user growth. 

So, what’s next?

It is still early to predict correctly as to where Snapchat Marketing is headed, but what we should watch out for is:

1. Being Organic

Start tracking your reach metrics vigilantly. On an average, your reach per snap might go down and the question, ‘is the juice worth squeezing’ may arise. This will be for the ongoing content creation.

2. Community Management

You as a brand will have to look into a 1-to-1 approach if you cannot afford to spend on ads consistently. This can lead to more people on your DM list.

3. Media

As a brand, you will have to start planning your media expenditure based on your organic reach. There are chances that Snapchat will soon become a pay to play platform, even for brands that have large audiences.

4. Influencers

This will be an excellent opportunity for influencers as their brand value will increase, adding to components like partnerships.

So, be prepared for the 2018 rollercoaster that will take social media platforms for a ride! If you need help in introducing new marketing tactics to your Snapchat account, get in touch with us. We are a strong team of social media experts who understand all your requirements like no other.