Last month, Twitter revealed its plans to stream live video content from within the Twitter apps and its desktop site. The aim is to air 24 hour hours a day, every day – totalling a lot of content aired each week. So, is this true, and what will Twitter be airing? Read on to find out more!

For those who aren’t sure, yes, this plan is really going ahead.

Some Internet users wondered if this plan was simply speculation, or if Twitter was simply describing what may happen in the future. But it has been confirmed to be true by Twitter COO and CFO Anthony Noto, who said “We will definitely have 24/7 video content on Twitter” during a live interview in early May.

However, don’t expect it to happen overnight.

You may already know that Twitter has actually been airing live content on and off throughout 2017, so the platform isn’t completely new to the idea. Twitter’s goal is to build that, so it may be a while before we’re seeing content being aired 24/7. We can expect to see more and more being added as time goes on until Twitter finally reaches its goal.

What type of content will it include?

At Twitter’s Digital Content NewFronts presentation, Twitter let the world know exactly what it plans to air using the platform. There are content streaming deals that include entertainment, news and sports, with the site claiming it will create ‘hundreds’ of hours of viewing.

The content itself will be in the form of live programming, games, events, syndications and more – while also being a way for brands to get involved, sponsor content and reach a large audience, similar to how they would with a TV ad, reimagined for a social platform. Brands will be able to buy ads that will run alongside the new shows and will serve as a new and unique option for advertisers.

Where is Twitter getting this content?

Twitter is partnering with a number of media companies to develop the content, ensuring it will be varied, well produced and worth watching.

One partner that has already been confirmed (according to the Wall Street Journal) is Bloomberg, who will be working with Twitter to stream an exclusive news broadcast directly from Bloomberg’s global news offices.

Additionally, some of the content will be user-generated. However, this will be verified by Twitter and the relevant partner before being featured on the channel.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Twitter’s streaming platform will be like? As a business, would you consider getting involved yourself and sponsoring its content? Share your opinions, thoughts and ideas in the comments section below – we’d love to hear what you think!