Both Facebook and Google AdWords advertising can be beneficial to businesses, but are they really worth it after looking at the cost?

Facebook offer targeted ads that reach users by interests, location or demography, ensuring individuals who are likely to take an interest in your services see it.

It’s also worth noting that people spend a lot of time browsing Facebook and chatting with friends than they do using Google, so the chances of users seeing your Facebook advertisement are relatively higher.

Facebook do not disclose the exact cost per ad. However they allow businesses to enter their budget. The ad will stop running when the user’s balance runs out, meaning large companies with money to spend have the advantage, while options for start-ups or individuals remain limited.

As per the recent statistics, there are more than 1.5 million advertisers on Facebook, spending 9% of all digital marketing spend in the world. Our recommendation is to spend at least $1 everyday on Facebook in ads. Though it may not drive massive traffic or sales, but it’s always good if we look at it from “impressions” point of view.

Google AdWords target online users through their search terms and keywords. The system can help you reach a large audience who are actively searching for the goods or services you offer.

The cost is calculated by a number of clicks your link receives, starting at around $1 per click for each search term, although this can often reach up to $60 for commonly used keywords, often costing more than the business is earning through their new visitors. This may enhance the popularity of the company, but cancels out any chance of profit.

Although these prices may seem reasonable to established, high-earning businesses, there are cheaper ways for small businesses to advertise that are just as beneficial. Cost effective ideas include email newsletters, blog or content networks, social, free-to-post sites with large followings, such as Reddit. These sites may also offer paid advertising to enhance your reach, with Reddit delivering clicks from just 3 cents. Your popularity could also be increased through the use of SEO content, online classifieds or local business listings.

Overall, either option, or even the use of both Facebook and AdWords combined, could prove helpful for business with a little extra to spend, but for those on a budget or businesses just starting out, there are alternatives offering far better value for money. If you’re on a budget, then the best option would be to spend a limited amount on ads let’s say $200-500 per month and rest should be invested in building brand reputation through organic activities or cheaper alternatives for ads.

Are you using Facebook ads or Google Adwords for advertising online? What’s your experience with their effectiveness?