There exists a significant momentum behind companies and industries wanting to enhance the social media presence and ramp up the business results it is producing. There was a time when social media strategy was only practiced by the leading companies as an additional source of advertising and influencing. However, today social media is perceived as crucial for a flourishing business. It’s up to you to master your social media marketing and strengthen your business through the creative use of the said platform. 

As a business owner, while you have your aspirations skyrocketing, you find yourself short of time when it comes to maintaining a social media presence at all times. Most businesses have an important decision to make about their social media marketing strategy. The question that will make or break your social media presence is whether you should hire an employee to manage social media or hire a social media marketing agency. 

The answer to this dilemma depends on the kind of weightage you want your social media presence to have. In case you were to hire an employee, it is obvious that he will have in-depth knowledge about your company. However, an agency for social media will have an in-depth knowledge of social media tools and can help you achieve your goals better. Which is why it is important to consider a few factors before you arrive at a conclusion. 

Factors to Consider: Employee vs. Agency

The first and foremost factor is the financial aspect of your social media management. You need to make sure that your choice is cost-efficient and does not add to your already burdened business. The ultimate goal of opting for social media management is to procure better results. This brings you to the question as to who is capable of procuring the results that you are expecting. Apart from these major elements, you also need to focus on time management, training, industrial experience, and consistency.

Once you are able to weigh your pros and cons regarding hiring an employee or an agency for social media, you can arrive at an informed decision. While, your answers may defer depending on the kind of business you are into, but there are few instances that are common in all kinds of businesses. 

Relatively expensive to hire an employee

When it comes to handing over the responsibility of your social media presence to an employee, there are additional costs associated with training, equipment, software knowledge, payroll taxes, and employee turnover. This makes hiring an employee three times more expensive than going in for an effective social media marketing program at an agency.

A social media agency always has your business goals aligned with a social media plan and be in fetching a return on investment, offering analysis and the positive impacts it has on your business, it is always ahead. It is essential to know that before you start with social media, have an honest and transparent conversation with the agency about whether or not it’s correct for your business given your target audience and market situation and if you will be able to see a positive return on investment that you’re okay to make.  

An in-house employee can have insightful knowledge over your business

The perks of having an in-house employee to corporate and handle your social media content are that they tend to have extensive knowledge about your daily operations. The experience will help you form a solid foundation of your online content and they are normally better updated about the company’s activities. 

Having said that, company knowledge can be easily overshadowed by the kind of quality communication that social media agency promises. 

Additional training that can waste company time when hiring an employee

Social media as a platform is dynamic and goes through changes every now and then. An employee that has gone through social media training to assist you might resign, leaving you in a position of inconvenience. The training and additional costs you invested in your employee, is now of no use. With an agency for social media, you don’t have to worry about training or turnover as they are well advanced with such techniques.

Going for a social media marketing agency will benefit your business scale rapidly and effectively. You’ll gain a proper team of expert support with expertise in each area from creative content to design to quality video production. Additionally, businesses gain around-the-clock expertise to enable your social media ads to work for you no matter what time it is.

Social media agencies have a goal-oriented approach

Agencies for social media are driven towards adapting a result-focused approach. Their success will depend on the increased number of results that you gain through social media. This way you can grow your business through an efficient social media marketing system that is solely dedicated to providing you, loyal customers. In conclusion, your goal and the social media agency’s goal are properly aligned and gives your business a sharper orientation. 

The drawback with employees is that they will have other client businesses to focus on, so you might not be able to create a healthy relationship with them as you would have done with an agency. With a social media marketing agency, you have to deal with more than one expert handling your social media accounts, so there is always someone around to help you with your technical difficulties. 

A social media agency will have insightful knowledge over social media management

Niche social media agencies are constantly working towards enhancing knowledge over social media strategies. The benefit of hiring an agency for social media is that their experience will add quality and distinction to your online content. Their understanding of various social media strategies and techniques will result in refined assistance for your business.

As social media agencies primarily specialize in handling businesses online presence, they have an advanced set of tools and resources for delivering an efficacious end result. The required software design, content distribution, access to information and analytics is already possessed by such agencies, therefore, saving you a lot of time and effort. By hiring social media professionals, you need not worry about your online influence and can focus on contributing your attention to your business. 

Hiring social media managers can offer you an edge in terms of campaign tactics and content ideas. Agencies have tried-and-tested formulas that definitely generate success. They also understand what hasn’t worked in the social media space, benefiting you avoid pitfalls that have cost other brands tons of money. In addition, going for a social media agency helps you gain access to a full suite of paid tools that can benefit businesses with scheduling posts, analytics, and reporting, etc. Also, they will evaluate the competition to know what could operate best for the company’s goals and ambitions. 

In short, it is essential to mention that each option serves a different segment of the market and can provide when selected by the right companies for accurate reasons. To choose whom you should hire for your social media marketing, you must think about your company structure, ambitions, and people to choose for yourself if you desire to make a massive investment into resources in a field where you could principally just find and hire an agency that already has those requisite resources ready for your brand. 

How can Socinova help you with social media management?

If you’ve made the right decision to go in for an agency for social media, Socinova is perhaps the best marketing agency that can operate your business efficiently. With Socinova’s amazing prices you can get access to quality social media marketing services and take off social media of your to-do list. Our skilled social media managers create high-quality content including graphics, curated links, videos and manage your community as well. With an extensive experience of 6 years in the field, we have managed to have more than 1000 happy clients worldwide. Just by acquiring an overall understanding of a business, we can create and design 100% unique and relevant content for your social media presence. With Socinova’s services, you can cross the following from your list of expectations: 

  1. Customized social media content posted regularly on your social media platforms.
  2. Personalized services and constant inputs for blogs, ads, and videos. 
  3. The combined effort of experts dedicated to making content that matches your brand’s tone.
  4. Fast and reliable communication through email and telephone.
  5. Review and feedback mechanism for the service provided in order to keep a check on marketing strategies.

Companies that develop better in the market invest in marketing. Companies with efficient marketing tools use the best agencies. They know how to choose the best agencies, handle them, offer timely feedback to get the most out of them and offer them encouragement that they require to do their finest work.

So how do you know that Socinova is a good fit for your business? Well, there are two things that Socinova takes care of, time and money. In addition to that, we also manage your social media with experts that are informed about the changing trends of social media. Socinova is fast, affordable and effective. Try it yourself!