A question we hear a lot from people who are new to social media- “What should I post on social media and when should I post it?”  To answer this question, we’ve collected data from surveys and blogs from around the web and plotted it into the following post. We’ll keep updating it as we get new info.

Find your frequency

You should measure how many times and at what times you have to post on social media accounts. Keeping a mathematical eye on your posts is a good idea, and will probably help you to keep a consistent level of your posts. One of the famous ways to for track frequency is socialreport.com

You should mostly post when your audience is online to comment or like what you have shared. It could be your status on Facebook, pictures on Flickr, profile on LinkedIn or blogs links. You do not necessarily need to participate all times. You should post on Facebook 5-7 times a week. If you find difficult to post 5-7 times a week, then you always have the option of sharing your newsletter; share Instagram, Facebook or Flickr pictures, and posts from your writing or picture blog. Another option could be simply checking your notifications. One can be a silent observer and still make use of it. Feel free to share your thoughts and provide your audience with informative, funny, interesting information. The posting frequency varies depending on social media networks. Facebook business pages can share 5-7 posts a week (max 10 posts a week) to keep their timeline healthy and this won’t dilute the engagement.

Twitter news feed is faster than that of Facebook, thus one need to be more frequent with the tweets here. You’ll need to post at least 2-5 times per day, more than that will always be a better option. If your tweets are spaced out over the day, they will stay longer in the newsfeed. Tweets are limited to the capacity of 140, so keep those short but they should be useful and informative for your followers. The forum of Facebook and Twitter is very similar which invites people to share things, so you can share all kinds of posts; videos, pictures, link to articles etc. As for beginners, 3 to 5 tweets per day should be good. Try it this way, and then evaluate how you can improve.

Google+ is more a kind of mini blogging network where you can share long posts with text editing features. As Google+ is associated with Google accounts, some people will always be online to engage with your posts. But as Facebook, best frequency would be around 8-10 posts a week (max 15 times a week)

Pinterest is also very similar to Facebook; posts and news feed can be seen by almost everyone and you can have your own page that your followers can keep checking. You should regularly pin or create new boards to keep your business top of mind. This means pinning 3-4 times a week. Pinterest involves visuals, creating boards not just about your products or services, but also about your inspirations, likes or dislikes, fun facts and interesting information. So almost anybody can relate to it. Unless you’re specifically a “Pinterest Addict”, 25-30 pins a week would work great.

Instagram is more like twitter. More pictures will only add to your popularity. But to manage healthy consistency, posting 1-2 pictures a day would be good.

Unlike other social media networks, you do not need to post things quite as often on LinkedIn. 3-5 posts a week is the best frequency. You just need to keep your profile updated.  For better participation, you need to check it a couple of times a week, if not post something, to keep yourself updated. Participation in groups is needed to help establish connections in industries and companies. It is a platform of networking with the other fields and help to enter in new business and share relevant information regarding your resumes, events, industries.

Timing is important

Once you decide the frequency, next important question is when to post all the updates. All social networks are different when it comes to posting timings. Best timing to post on Facebook would be afternoon or evening while on twitter you can post more in the morning and evening. LinkedIn users are more active around 5 pm while Instagram posts get the most engagement in the morning. Pinterest too is active more in the evening and morning. Google+ as we said, due to it’s attachment to google accounts is active most of the time, still the best time is around 10 am.

Content matters

Valuable content is what matters! You should be conversational, helpful, interesting and funny to make users follow you. The question of what you are tweeting, posting or sharing is often times far more important than how often you are doing it.

The more your followers like, share and comment on your posts, the more likely they enjoy what you post. This is where great content comes into the role. Your followers will want to comment, share or like posts that keep their interests, make them laugh or teach them something. You do not have to create all the content that you post; you can share pictures, videos and links having content curated from the web. Let people know what you think via your posts and encourage their feedback. This will develop a healthy conversation.

Some things to remember-

If you are not doing anything more than just pumping out links and talking about yourself, then you are contributing no good. 

Timely reply to comments and msgs, engaging with audience are also important things in social media management.

You can use various apps to manage your social media. A social media agency will help you the most in this.

Time sensitive content like events, holidays, product launches, and contests are the best ways to increase engagement on social media.

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