Setting up your marketing strategies can be difficult. You’ve probably come across many marketing terms, such as ‘digital marketing’ and ‘social media marketing’ and wondered what exactly the difference was between the two. What makes them different? Well today, we’re here to let you know!

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a term that covers all aspects of using digital technologies to market your products and services.

While today’s trends focus almost entirely on the internet, this may also include marketing through mobile devices (for example, through apps or SMS updates), digital display advertising or television.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing focuses on the specific goal of boosting traffic, generating leads and achieving conversions through the use of social media websites.

This is usually done in a way that uses creative content (such as photos, posts and updates) that garner attention for the brand and encourage fans and followers to interact and share it to heighten the brand’s exposure.

Unlike digital marketing – which is an umbrella term – social media marketing covers only techniques that involve social networking.

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With any luck, this post will have been a simple yet informative insight into the differences between social media marketing and digital marketing. Now you know the difference between these two commonly used terms, setting up your digital and social strategies should be a lot simpler!