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For every business, it is essential that you communicate your brand message clearly to the consumers. Social media platforms help you increase your brand awareness through multiple channels that have a variety of focus groups as audiences.

Our $199 Social Media Package is the best fit to create an identity for your brand with the daily posting of unique branded content. This package not only helps you with setting up and managing the profiles but we also help you get established as a brand on social media.

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to build a brand image. Daily posting will help your business communicate your brand message to the audience. Dedicating time daily for social media can be difficult! That’s where we’ve got you covered!

Our team studies and analyzes your brand and creates unique branded content communicating your brand clearly with a touch of our creativity. Every set of content is sent to the client for approval before publishing to ensure we are on the same page.

Daily content posting keeps you on top of your audiences' minds!







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Keep your social media channels updated daily:

Daily social media content posting is best for:

Small Business Owners

Once your small business is up and running, you need visibility and awareness about your brand. It is important that your audiences keep seeing your brand or products to create a solid impression in their mind. 7 high-quality branded posts on each platform per week will help you maintain consistency.


For an artist to get established, his/her online presence is one of the most important factors. Our $199 package offers not only 7 posts per week but a dedicated account manager and the use of hashtags to grow visibility and engagement. This will help you be in the ‘limelight’ on social media throughout the year!


For a non-profit organization, it is very important to have an emotional connection with the audience through content. You need to communicate your message, your story in a creative yet touching and simple way. When it comes to telling a story, videos are often the first choice. Our $199 package can help with it!

C-Level Executives

Giving your audience an avenue to engage with you on a personal level is a way of building trust and becoming a thought leader. Making sure your social media is updated can be a hectic task and that’s why C-Level executives turn to Socinova for our services.

Startup Founders

When you introduce your new services to your clients and prospects, you need to have a strong digital presence that enhances your brand image. Personal branding is as important as business branding and our social media posting packages help with just that.

Brick & Mortar Retailers

Even though it seems like e-commerce websites get most of the attention these days, brick & mortar retailers are equally important. To stay competitive, offline retailers need to invest in social media marketing as well. And our packages are a good start for that.

Suitable Industries for Daily Social Media Posting


Hotels & Restaurants


Music Schools

Dancing Institutes

Sports Academies

Real Estate


Maid Services

Beauty & Cosmetics

Education & Training

And Many More...

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Wondering what you should expect?

$199 Social Media Marketing Features

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn, Pinterest & YouTube included: As the $199 package focuses on helping you get established on social media, it includes all the major social networks suitable for most businesses. If you don’t have any of these set up already, we can set them up for you. If you already have these accounts, all we need to get you started is their editorial access.
  • 7 high-quality branded posts on each platform per week: This daily social media posting package will provide you 7 high-quality branded posts a week on your included social media platforms. To begin with, our team will conduct a thorough research and analyze your social media (if you already have your social media set up). We will also study your website and your competitors. Based on our research and your inputs, we’ll start creating high quality posts. These posts will be a combination of promotional, informational, motivational and trendy content related to your business. 
  • 1 promotional video produced via www.biteable.com per month: Video content is king. It’s no doubt that social media users love to watch videos. In this package, we also offer one promotional video a month, which includes scriptwriting and digital animation.
  • Social accounts’ setup and profile optimization included: It is important to keep your social media profiles up-to-date. When you subscribe to this package, we’ll review your social media accounts and perform any necessary optimizations. Profile optimizations include updating your profile picture and cover images that suit your business, updating your bio information, making sure your contact & operational info is correct, etc. We will also set up brand new profiles if you don’t have any.
  • Approve/edit posts before they are published: Every set of posts is sent for approval to ensure that our content is aligned with your brand and communicates clear and correct messages to the audiences.
  • 24/7 analytics dashboard: Social media analytics play a vital role as they provide you the actual numbers with the help of which you can understand if our strategies are generating results. We’ll provide a dedicated dashboard that you can log in to anytime to check the reports.
  • Use of hashtags to grow visibility and engagement: With high-quality social media graphics, you also need relevant, catchy captions and appropriate hashtags. We regularly research and use hashtags related to your business to help you grow content visibility and engagement on social media.
  • Priority email support (All updates will be processed within 48 hours): Whenever you have any special updates about your business or the social media posts, all you need to do is email us. We will process them within 48 hours of getting your mail. That’s a promise.
  • Dedicated account manager: With the $199 daily social media posting package, you don’t just get high-quality content, but also a dedicated account manager to look after the progress and strategy for your account.
  • Simple monthly billing, no additional commitments: This package comes with no contracts and simple monthly billing. You only pay what you see.

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If you are a small business, this package is perfect for you. Above, we have already mentioned a list of suitable business types and specific industries. If you relate to any of those, then this package is most certainly right for your business. But to be honest, this package is suitable for pretty much anyone who wants to get established on social media.

Doing social media management for almost 7.5 years now, we have strong internal processes to ensure quality a output.
All our staff is trained in social media management and has years of experience in the field. Our editing process is also thorough to ensure that all content is checked by a second pair of eyes before it is published.

This package includes a 24/7 analytics dashboard via SocialPilot where you can log in anytime to check analytics for your social media accounts and your Facebook ad campaigns.

When it comes to our services, ROI shouldn’t include just the sales you receive. As our services focus on social media management first, the time and money you save and the brand value that is generated by professional content and management should also be considered. We think simply the time you save and the quality you get is itself worth the investment!

Once you order your $199 daily social media posting plan, we’ll start working on your accounts within three working days. Please make sure that you give us the access to your social accounts after you order. We’ll be unable to post anything until you provide the access.

If you choose the “create accounts for me” option, then we’ll create accounts for you and start working within three working days.

Before starting on the content creation, our team analyzes and studies your industry, and researches about your audience and competitors. Our team also analyzes your website, and previous posts that are posted on your social media to understand your style and brand messaging. Next step is to plan the content as to when to post, what to post, where to post, should it be promotional, informative or a mixture of both. This process ensure that we create as effective content as possible.

We incorporate your brand’s style by using your brand colors and your logo on the posts for visual branding. Also we match the content style and messaging with your brand’s tone and voice, whether it is conversational, formal, humorous or a mixture of all.

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time, but we need 30 days’ notice to stop the work and billing. Also, if you require, you can cancel your plan and get a refund within the first 7 days of signing up.

Yes, you can be sure. All the content that we post will be specially crafted for your business by a trained content specialist to engage your audience. Even though we provide ‘cheap’ social media marketing services, the quality isn’t cheap.
After you order your social media management package, we’ll ask you a few quick questions about your business. Your answers will help your manager understand what you do, your industry, target audience, brand voice etc. With that information available, your account manager will research your website, previous social media posts, related links and about everything else that is required for content creation. They’ll also email you giving an idea about the content we’ll be posting to get your feedback.

Be sure about this. There are NO hidden costs. You only pay what you see. We also do not have any contracts. Billing will be done monthly, and you can cancel your plan anytime.

Yes. They are yours, after all! We’ll take care of your social media, but you can always engage if you would like to!

No, there is no contract.

Since the content is branded and designed according to your brand style and products and services, you can use our content anywhere you’d like. You own 100% of the content we create for your business.

You’re welcome to share any pictures or content about your business, but that isn’t necessary.  Our team will design all the graphics & videos, write the captions and even select the hashtags by ourselves. All you have to do is share your feedback from time to time. That’s it!

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