Giving Back to the Community with Project Nelda

Nelda Foundation

Tree plantation initiative by Socinova

Socinova proudly supports Nelda Foundation, a not-for-profit enterprise, a part of Deshpee Group, which works for the nurturing and preservation of our environment. Currently operating in Pune, the organisation manages 1500+ trees at its current projects. Nelda aims to inspire the youth to take action towards the green change in our country, and we’re proud that we are a part of this movement.


Trees Planted and Currently Managed by Nelda


Total Man-Hours Contributed in 6 Years


Total Volunteers Who've Been a Part of Our Events

We're helping grow trees just the way we help our clients grow their businesses.

Since June 2016, our team has not only funded the whole project, but has contributed 100s of man hours ourselves to plant and maintain the saplings. We’ve taken a whole hill under management in Pune, India and have a plan to turn it into a dense forest in the coming years.

Turning the world into a greener place.

Whenever you subscribe to any of our social media management packages, a portion of that goes to Nelda Foundation. Our clients are literally helping make this world a greener place. Nelda Foundation was started by Vedarth Deshpande, our founder and to this day, he oversees the complete project. We are so grateful to our clients for their support.

The Impact We Have Created

City Beautification
Volunteering Opportunities
Avoiding Soil Erosion
Battling Climate Change
Community Enagagement
Encouraging Biodiversity
Creating Green Parks
Ecosystem Development
Restoring Environmental Balance
Social Awareness
Water Conservation
Combating Pollution

One Step Closer to A Green Future

Giving back to the communities we live in is our moral responsibility. Socinova understands this and our team has been regularly contributing to various environmental activities in Pune, India since 2014. We don’t do this because we have to, but because we want to. And all this is possible only due to the support our clients have provided to us throughout the years. Every year, we donate a portion of our profits to Nelda Foundation and we’ll always continue to do so.


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