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Order our services with your friends & earn up to 3 months of fully paid service!

Are you looking for social media management services for your business? But want a free trial first or do not have the funds to pay for it in full? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.
If you have friends who are business owners and who can benefit from our social media marketing services, you can order our services together with them.
Sounds easy? Yes, no gimmicks, it is like that. Let us answer a few questions that you may have about this free social media management services offer.

What in it for me?

Since you’re helping us out;
1. When you refer your first 2 friends to any of our packages, you’ll get a fully paid $99 package for a month.
2. If you refer 3 additional friends to any of our packages, you’ll get a fully paid $99 package for two more months.
3. And for every additional friend you refer after 5, you’ll get $50 credit each to use towards any of our packages!

Who can I refer?

Anyone who is looking for social media management services.
We hold ourselves to high standards of quality hence we advise that you recommend us only to your friends who are really interested in services like ours.

How can I refer my friends to you?

Simply share their contact details using the form above. That’s it. No links to promote or things to sell yourself!
We will get in touch with them with a personalised marketing consultation as per their needs. Once they sign up with us, we will let you know and add the credit to your free social media management services account.

What's the benefit of this to my friends?

Every new friend you refer to us will receive 10% off on their service price simply because you referred them to us!

Why choose Socinova?

  • Truly Affordable Social Media Marketing Agency
  • Global Clients Base
  • Have Managed 1000+ Clients Worldwide
  • Feautred on Crunchbase, Clutch, Agency Spotter, Vizaca, B2C, 98.5 KVOO
  • Over 6 years of Experience in Small Business Social Media Management
  • Genuine Partner in Your Growth & Success

We're eager to meet your friends!

This all sounds pretty simple, right?
As a valued partner of ours, we know that you care about the online presence of your business and of your friends’ businesses’ too. Now, get your friends on the social media marketing train and you’re both going to benefit! Opportunities like this one give you an easy, affordable but highly qualitative chance to use effective services and earn true benefits by suggesting your business friends to try certain services.
Socinova’s offer of free social media management services is definitely worth a try!

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