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Thank you for your interest in our social media management services! We’ve put in a lot of effort to provide all the critical information about our services on our website. Here, you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you’d like to talk to our team, feel free to message, email or call us!

Social Media Marketing Pricing

  • Quality content creation in the form of images, videos and reels!
  • Content specifically crafted for your business by a content specialist
  • Perfect balance of curated, owned, and promotional content
  • Paid ads creation and management
  • Community management
  • Monthly content calendars, analytics & strategy consultations
  1. All the content will be highly relevant to your brand, designed using your wordings, colours, style, etc.
  2. All custom branded graphics will be designed in HQ 1080*1080 size.
  3. To maintain consistency, same graphics will be posted to all your social channels.
  4. All the graphics we design for you will be done using Canva and you can request editing access.
  5. You have the option to review/edit all the content in advance.
  6. We generally schedule content 7-10 days in advance.

Our $199 and higher plans include a 24/7 analytics dashboard via SocialPilot where you can login anytime to check analytics for your social media accounts, manage Facebook boosts, check Facebook messages and more.

We’ll also send you a recurring report every month to your email.

Our Plus plan includes blogs writing. We’ll write blog articles of up to 700 words each for your blog, which are search engines optimized with your keywords and topics. These will be written explicitly as per your needs, to engage your readers, grow your website traffic and promote your products and services.

Doing social media management for more than 9 years now, we have strong internal processes to ensure a quality output.
All our staff is trained in social media management and has years of experience in the field. Our editing process is also thorough to ensure that all content is checked by a second pair of eyes before it is published.

Our Starter, Regular & Plus plans include sponsored posts on Facebook/Instagram. Sponsoring posts will help your business get more
engagement and reach on these social networks.

The Plus also includes retarget/conversion ads as per your goals.

Yes, all our packages  include a dedicated account manager. The same person will work with you throughout your campaign to make sure you’re getting the best out of our services.

No, you don’t have to provide any content. Our team will create all the graphics/videos and write all the captions for social media. However, if you have any pictures or content for us to use, we’re happy to use it.

Yes, you get to approve the posts in advance every month.

We’re based in Pune, India.

No, we don’t. The price of our packages covers both the mentioned ad spend, and our fees to manage the sponsored posts for you.

Yes, you can. Either you can pay for ads directly from your own ad account, or pay us the additional budget and we’ll spend it for you.

Please note, we’ll have to charge you 15% extra on the additional ad spend (if you pay us), to cover the payment gateway fees and taxes.

Twitter has become a niche social network nowadays, which most businesses don’t need to focus on. Unless your business targets a specific audience that uses Twitter, we don’t recommend you focus on Twitter.

Social media has come a long way in the past few years. The latest research suggest that posting 3-5 times a week, instead of posting everyday, is actually proven to increase impressions and reach on most social networks.

No, there is no contract.

Our certain plans include promotional video production. Using Biteable or Canva we’ll create custom promotional videos, around 30-90 seconds in length, specifically for your brand, to promote your products and services on social media. We’ll promote these videos on social media with the right optimizations to drive traffic to your website and bring in new sales.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Yes, you can cancel your plan at any time, but we’ll need a standard 30 days’ notice for cancellations.

We offer a no questions asked 7 days money back guarantee. Once you get started on your package, if at any moment during the initial onboarding you feel that this is not the right solution, we’ll refund your payment without any hassle. No questions asked.

Yes, we do. With our ‘community management’ feature included in our Starter, Regular and Plus packages, we’ll provide a timely response to the comments, messages and reviews you receive on the included social media networks.

No. You only pay what you see.

We normally communicate via emails and we’re very responsive. You can expect a response within 12-24 hours during the weekdays. We can also communicate via chat apps or schedule calls whenever required.

During checkout, you’ll be presented with the options to add an additional service to your package. Currently we have two add-ons available:

  1. Designing horizontal promotional videos for your business
  2. Designing custom email newsletters or blasts with original copy and sending it to your email list every month. This includes logging in to your email marketing software, designing the email as per your inputs and sending it to your list.

When you get started with us, first, we’ll prepare a detailed plan to achieve the goals we’ve set as per our discussion. This will give us the general direction for the content and the sponsored posts.

Vertical videos with a resolution of 1080 * 1920 pixels are the optimal choice for Instagram Reels. For YouTube and other traditional social networks, videos with a resolution of 1920 * 1080 pixels are recommended

Good news is that we cover both with our packages!

It is a simple HTML code from Facebook, inserted on your website to accurately track and retarget your website visitors.

Community management involves engaging with your social media audience when they post comments, leave reviews or message your business.

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Social Media Growth Services

Yes, you can be sure. All the content that we post will be specially crafted for your business by a trained content specialist to engage your audience. Even though we provide ‘affordable’ social media marketing services, there is no compromise on quality whatsoever.

Your account manager will be posting content on your profiles as per the details you submitted and the discussions with you. Hence, usually the content we publish is in-line with your ideas. But, if you don’t like any piece of content posted by us, you can just notify the same to your account manager and we’ll take care of it. We encourage our clients to give us the feedback about content as often as possible. Let it be good or bad. We always want to make sure that our posting style matches your brand voice on social media.
After you order your Socinova plan, we’ll ask you a few quick questions about your business. Your answers will help your manager understand what you do, your industry, target audience, brand voice etc. With that information available, your account manager will research your website, previous social media posts, related links and about everything else that is required for our social media posting services. They’ll also email you giving an idea about the content we’ll be posting to get your feedback.

Yes, sure we can. Creating and optimizing social media accounts is available on request.

No, you won’t have to. We will send you the link to our social media management software, where you can connect the accounts by yourself. This won’t need us accessing your accounts directly.

For Facebook however, we’ll need the access your page to run sponsored posts.

Yes, definitely. You can just send them to your Socinova account manager. Your account manager will schedule them as required.

Once you order your social media marketing plan, we’ll start working on your accounts within three working days. Please make sure that you give us the access to your social accounts after you order. 

That’s fine. We can either skip them or replace them with any other social networks we support. We generally can’t provide a discount even if you’d like to include fewer networks in your package. The reason being – we still have to create equal amount of content as per your package, whether for one or four social networks.

For every client, we regularly research relevant hashtags using our premium software. We then strategically use these hashtags in your social media posts to help you get more visibility and engagement. 

You’re welcome to share any hashtags you’d like us to use in your posts as well.

Yes, we can! Our Regular and Plus plans are designed to fit the needs of big and growing businesses.

Yes. They are yours, after all! We’ll take care of your social media, but you can always engage if you would like to!

Sure! Just visit the Portfolio page from the menu to see a few recent examples of our work. Get in touch with us if you would like to see more!

Glad you asked! Socinova is our affordable social media marketing services division and we do provide other digital marketing services as well. Please explore our sister company, Trigacy Agency!

Our social media management services are designed to deliver a significant return on investment (ROI) for our clients. By partnering with us, you can expect to save time and money while benefiting from the additional visibility, engagement and website traffic generated by our professional content and management. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a comprehensive and high-quality service that delivers tangible results.

You can simply upload them to a folder on your Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link with us! We’ll use those in the content.
Yes. To maintain consistency over the various social media platforms, we’ll create and post the same content on all networks. But rest assured that the captions i.e. the text of the post will be optimised for certain platforms like Twitter and Instagram.
We’re sorry, but we currently only work with the English language. However, we can arrange a translator for an additional fee or send the content to you for translation prior to scheduling.

You can include more social networks in your package for an additional fee.

If you’d like us to post the same content to these additional networks, we can add them at a small fee of $25 per social network per month. But if you wish us to create unique content for these social networks, we’ll have to give you a custom quote.

Unfortunately, we do not support TikTok or Snapchat at the moment. We may support any other social networks not included in our packages, but that will depend on whether that social network supports scheduling content in advance and some other parameters. Please get in touch with us to confirm the same.

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Please click on the ‘Pricing’ tab from the menu to visit the pricing page and explore our packages. You can then choose to pay either via PayPal or credit/debit cards by clicking on the respective button. Once the payment is complete, you’ll be asked a questionnaire on the website and we’ll get started.
Please allow us 24-48 hours to follow up once we receive your questionnaire info. Your account manager will get in touch with you to get started.
Please contact your account manager to change your billing details or you can email us on
Please contact your account manager to upgrade/downgrade your Socinova package or you can email us on
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