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To successfully build your brand online, you must promote your product or service on social media platforms from the start. Social media platforms help you increase your brand awareness through multiple platforms with different target audiences.

This is where Socinova comes in. Our $99 social media management package is the best fit for getting your business started with social media marketing. This package helps you set up and manage the profiles and create original content for your brand that provides value to your customers.

$99 social media marketing is one of the best ways to build a strong reputation and promote your business online. But are you spending more time on social media management yourself rather than focusing on your business growth? If so, here’s the solution!

It doesn’t matter if you are new to social media marketing or have a campaign in place already. Our team will take care of providing you with content that matches your company’s values, creates a strong image of your products or services and is communicated in a way that is easier for your target audience to understand. 

Getting started with social media marketing need not be expensive!




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Content is still the king. Start your content marketing now:

$99 social media marketing works best for:

New Business Owners

When you’re a new business owner, there are numerous tasks that need your attention other than social media management. That’s where we have got you covered! Our team will take care of your social media marketing so you can focus on your operations instead.

Consumer Product Brands

Social media platforms are a great way of sharing information, discounts, features, and the overall experience of your products. People discuss new products on social media regularly and we help you be a part of that conversation.

Consumer Service Brands

Social media can help you connect with your customers directly and share information about your services. An active social media presence can also help your band provide great customer service and generate reviews for your services.

Solo Entrepreneurs

As a solo entrepreneur, you cannot manage every aspect of your business – right from the operations to marketing to sales. You should take professional help whenever needed. That is why we have this $99 social media management package for you.

Self Employed Professionals

To attract your audience as a professional and make them aware of your skills and capabilities, you need to have a strong digital presence that enhances your brand image and gives proof of your expertise. That’s exactly what we help you achieve.

Community Services

The most vital aspect of promoting your community services is awareness. To reach out to as many people as possible, you need to showcase your work online. We bet there is no better platform to do it other than the various social media networks.

Suitable Industries for $99 Social Media Marketing

Salons & Spas

Hotels & Restaurants

Cleaning & Homecare

Real Estate



Fitness & Wellness

Travel & Tourism

Maid Services

Handymen & Locksmiths

Education & Training

And Many More...

We set up your package in 3 working days - quick & hassle-free on-boarding!

Save employee costs
Attract more prospects
Reach more people
Build your brand

Wondering what you should expect?

$99 Social Media Marketing Features

  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram included: As the $99 package is a starter plan, it includes 3 of the most widely used and the most suited platforms for every business, i.e. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you don’t have any of these set up already, we can set them up for you. If you already have these accounts, all we need to get you started is their editorial access.
  • 5 high-quality branded posts on each platform per week: The Starter package will provide you 5 high-quality branded posts a week on your included social media platforms. If you have any preferences about the days on which you want to post, please let us know once you order. To begin with, our team will conduct a little research and analyze your business. The first set of content consisting 7-10 posts will be sent to you for approval to seek your feedback and approval. These posts will basically be a combination of promotional, informational and inspirational posts with facts & trends related to your business. We’ll be happy to do any edits to the current posts and take note of your instructions for the future posts. Going forward, we’ll create and publish content directly, and your feedback or updates are welcome anytime.
  • Profile optimization included: Keeping your social media profiles up-to-date helps maintain your online brand. When you subscribe to this package, we’ll review your social media accounts and perform any necessary optimizations. Profile optimizations include updating your profile picture and cover images that suit your business, updating your bio information, making sure your contact & operational info is correct, etc.
  • Use of hashtags to grow visibility and engagement: With high-quality social media graphics, you also need relevant, catchy captions and appropriate hashtags. We regularly research and use hashtags related to your business to help you grow content visibility and engagement on social media.
  • Email support (All updates will be processed within 72 hours): Whenever you have any special updates about your business or the social media posts, all you need to do is email us. We will process them within 72 hours of getting your mail. That’s a promise.
  • Minimum 3 months of commitment required for best results: Every social media campaign needs sufficient time to generate results. As this is a starter package, we recommend a minimum campaign duration of 3 months to begin with.

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The Starter package, being our most affordable package, has limited features. Hence, to provide the best results via our services, we highly recommend at least 3 months of continued service. We’ll provide a 10% discount on your total, so it’ll be $267 for 3 months, instead of $297.

If you are a startup or new to social media marketing, this package is perfect for you. Above, we have already mentioned a list of suitable business types and specific industries. If you relate to any of those, then this package is most certainly right for your business. But to be honest, this package is suitable for pretty much anyone who wants to get started with social media marketing.

Doing social media management for almost 7.5 years now, we have strong internal processes to ensure quality a output.
All our staff is trained in social media management and has years of experience in the field. Our editing process is also thorough to ensure that all content is checked by a second pair of eyes before it is published.

The Starter package does not include a dedicated analytics dashboard. However, upon request, we can send you a report every 3 months containing data about your social media growth.

When it social media management, ROI cannot be based just on the sales you receive. As this is a starter package, our services focus on social media content posting first. The time and money you save and the brand value that is generated by professional content creation are the biggest benefits of our services. We think simply the time you save and the quality you get are itself worth the investment!

Once you order your $99 social media marketing plan, we’ll start working on your accounts within three working days. Please make sure that you give us the access to your social accounts after you order. We’ll be unable to post anything until you provide the access.

If you choose the “create accounts for me” option, then we’ll create accounts for you and start working within three working days.

Before starting on the content creation, our team analyzes and studies your industry, and researches about your audience and competitors. Our team also analyzes your website, and previous posts that are posted on your social media to understand your style and brand messaging. Next step is to plan the content as to when to post, what to post, where to post, should it be promotional, informative or a mixture of both. This process ensure that we create as effective content as possible.

We incorporate your brand’s style by using your brand colors and your logo on the posts for visual branding. Also we match the content style and messaging with your brand’s tone and voice, whether it is conversational, formal, humorous or a mixture of all.

For the Starter package, you can cancel your plan and get a refund within the first 7 days of signing up. After this period, you can cancel your package at the end of the 3 months subscription.

Yes, you can be sure. All the content that we post will be specially crafted for your business by a trained content specialist to engage your audience. Even though we provide ‘cheap’ social media marketing services, the quality isn’t cheap.

After you order your $99 social media management package, we’ll ask you a few quick questions about your business. Your answers will help your manager understand what you do, your industry, target audience, brand voice, etc. With that information available, your account manager will research your website, previous social media posts, related links and about everything else that is required for content creation. They’ll also email you giving an idea about the content we’ll be posting to get your feedback.

Be sure about this. There are NO hidden costs. You only pay what you see. We also do not have any contracts. Billing will be done quarterly, and you can cancel your plan anytime with 30 days notice.

Yes. They are yours, after all! We’ll take care of your social media, but you can always engage if you would like to!

No, there is no contract.

Since the content is branded and designed according to your brand style and products and services, you can use our content anywhere you’d like. You own 100% of the content we create for your business.

You’re welcome to share any pictures or content about your business, but that isn’t necessary.  Our team will design all the graphics & videos, write the captions and even select the hashtags by ourselves. All you have to do is share your feedback from time to time. That’s it!

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99 Dollars Social Media Services

A successful business is built through a solid foundation of planning, human efficiency, and marketing. As a business owner, you might have several things to attend to for your business to keep going. Having a powerful social media presence is quintessential for your business. What you post online defines and influences your reputation greatly. In today’s technologically advanced world, most of the communication is done online for your followers and customers to see how your business is doing in the market.

Social media development and engagement adds credibility to your company and spread the word to the remotest areas. This is exactly why you need a social media handler that can ensure quality content and influence your business. 99 dollars social media marketing services by Socinova can help you establish and maintain the right kind of social media appearance for your business. Due to the busy lifestyle of a business owner, their brand’s social media presence often gets neglected. And hence, 99 dollars social media marketing can be useful here.


Why Is Social Media a Key to Your Business’ Online Marketing?

The 99 dollars social media services offered by Socinova provide unique and indigenously generated content customized as per your business’ needs. Without fail, your online content will be posted every day on online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more. The burden of worrying about what to post and when to post is off your shoulders and is transferred to Socinova. The 99 dollars social media marketing services can help your business in the following ways:

  • A unique way to encourage and engage your customers on social media through content
  • A solid media strategy will have a positive effect on sales as it increases the overall exposure of your business
  • Effective reputation management and keeping a track of the level of satisfaction showcased by the customers through their comments, likes, etc. Will improve customer service
  • Relatively cheap and inexpensive when compared to other advertising tools available for businesses
  • There is no limit on social media’s reach and therefore shows that your business has a global audience, expanding your business and acting as an impetus to growth
  • Fresh and new content to maintain social media profiles that is arresting as well as captivating
  • Sharing quality data that helps you develop trust with your customers so that you gain a few loyal ones
  • Easy to publicize special offers and discounts with related posts


What Does Socinova Offer?

With its 99-dollar social media services, Socinova can create unique content at just 99 dollars per month. Tackling social media is officially off your to-do list and the very skilled social media managers at Soncinova are here to enhance your online personality!

  • Customized and branded social media content will be posted on all your social networks to increase traffic
  • Social media services as per your needs and requirements for various blogs, ads, videos and much more
  • An efficient team of experts to make sure that only the best content suitable for your brand is posted
  • Quick and solid communication through email, telephone or Skype support in case your business mandates such requirements
  • An effective system of review and feedback in order to maintain records of the services provided and to come up with strategies whenever required
  • Managing various social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and any other social platforms that you would want your business to be seen in
  • Save a tremendous amount of time and effort
  • Save advertisement and promotion costs due to inexpensive social media services provided by us
  • Social media optimization and keyword research
  • Monthly performance reporting
  • Support via phone and email
  • Custom and curated content with accurate pictures to attract your target audience
  • Consistent use of purposeful hashtags: It is essential to know that hashtags play a vital role in social media. We have realized that most of the small business owners are using hashtags wrong. That’s why we choose the best and use hashtags so that your business can come into the limelight.

All of these services will be at your disposal for just 99 dollars with the intellect and experience that Socinova possesses. All our services are centered around upgrading the social media channels for clients with relevant and informative content. Relevant and informative content is vital for any business as most unfollows are due to the advance of posting irrelevant material on a business page.


Develop Your Presence on Social Media

99 dollars social media marketing services by Socinova will definitely take your mind off your social media daily to-do so that you can devote more time and effort to developing your business. You might be slow on your know-how to make the best use of social media for your small business. Socinova has the best professionals as content specialists who know how to craft the finest strategy for the business to accomplish your numerous social media goals.


Social Media Content, Curated for You, Every Single Day

We understand that it’s not always easy to develop and maintain a social media presence for your small and new business. In fact, it can be challenging to discover the hours or know-how to make it happen positively. That’s where we come into the picture. Socinova offers social media content management just at 99$ to help busy entrepreneurs like you maintain a sturdy presence on social media so that when your readers and potential customers go looking for you, you’re always there. As a business owner, you must consistently establish your credibility, approach ability, and relevance.


How to Get Started?

Socinova thrives on simplicity and has an easy way to launch a new social media marketing campaign. You simply need to discuss your plan, target customers and goals that you have set for your business. After which we create and optimize your individualistic profiles and set up for analysis. The various offers and schemes of 99 dollars social media services will be discussed and we shall kick start the work on your profiles. The content review shall be conducted at regular intervals to ensure improvement with the changing times. As our only focus is providing you with reliable and effective solutions, there is nothing else you need to worry about. The 99 dollars social media marketing services provided by Socinova will open new prospects and avenues for your business to explore and grow.

See our professional social media managers upload high-quality content including curated links, informative graphics, and videos, etc. and manage your social media ads and community as well. We have been industry players in the social media management market for the last 6 years. Our social media management services will take over your social media and make sure that you make the best of social media with proper advice and other marketing campaigns. Our primary goal is to benefit you in generating more clients via social media.

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