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Social media marketing is critical for fashion brands just as it is for any other business. Globally, the online fashion market is estimated to grow to $872 billion by 2023 as 74% of your customers rely on social media to explore, find and buy their fashion stuff. Fashion does highly rely on visual media and in the past, it was dependent on traditional modes of marketing like magazines, TV shows, channels, and events.

As we moved to the digital era, mediums like websites, social platforms, and apps are getting crowded with fashion stuff and greatly consumed by the users as well. The fashion industry is all about lifestyle, culture, aesthetics, and people which gives marketers a lot of opportunities. Marketers like us are now using mediums like social media platforms to promote products, improve brand reach, gather a community of fashion lovers, and drive traffic to your websites and apps.

What does social media offer for your fashion brand?

Social media marketing is now a standard process of marketing and promoting any brand on the web. The fashion industry was one of the pioneers starting off with social media to take advantage of this online space and make sure that they devise innovative ways of keeping up with their competitors. But, due to a lack of knowledge about how social media works for the industry, many fashion brands are still heavily relying on online advertisements. Devising a strategy for a fashion brand comes with a pool of benefits. These include:

Increased brand awareness

Even if you don’t want social media to promote and sell your products, keeping up with your customers is essential in order to have a curated presence to increase your brand awareness and loyalty.

Thought leadership

Even though you are a fun and casual brand, you need social media to develop a close connection with your followers and create enthusiasm. Social media and other digital mediums help you with a rich brand value which ultimately impacts your sales and business performance. 

Advanced customer service

If your followers are already engaged with your brand on social media, they may prefer to connect with your customer service on a platform they love. Enabling your team to help your users with their queries and feedback is easier with social media. Whether you want to engage personally with your users or enable chatbots, social media marketing offers advanced customer care. 

Boost performance with social media ads

Social media is a great source of online advertising and offers a significant presence and reach for multiple types of audiences. Achieving your digital goals just gets easier with social media ads. You can also promote offers and deals to catch the attention of new people on social media platforms. 

Influencer marketing

Social media influencers are nothing but people with high influence in the online society. They have a different lifestyle which attracts other users to imitate and adopt. People love seeing their favorite social media influencers offering new products and services as their lifestyle. If your fashion brand is selling new products directly to the customers, you can take advantage of influencer marketing and increase your sales. 

Drive traffic to your website & app

Apps and websites improve the quality of your offerings. These two are great trust establishers for your brand. Curious and price conscious buyers prefer buying products and services through websites and apps rather than social media stores. Social media marketing offers a great way to promote your websites and apps along with improving your SEO performance.

Socinova’s Fashion Brands Social Media Marketing

Social media started influencing the fashion industry in the 2010s and today, it has evolved to a greater extent making it mandatory to use. Features like targeted & programmatic ads, social sharing, tagging, product curation, and advanced content marketing, fashion brands need to have a social media strategy in place. We are doing social media marketing for many brands since 2014 when it was a high boom for every industry; and today, it’s at the peak of trending marketing methods that will keep developing for the coming decades.

For ages, people loved listening to stories, and we love connecting fashion brands through storytelling. Along with beautiful photoshoots, and shows, people love listening to stories behind certain products. Most products are sold because they are introduced with a great story. We leverage visual storytelling as an aid to promote your fashion studio, consulting service, or a properly established fashion brand on social media. Be it fashion eCommerce, fashion startups, independent fashion consultants, or studios, we can handle social media management for fashion businesses of any size. 

Whether you are looking to increase sales stream or footfall, starting up on social media marketing for your fashion brand is inevitable. More than on your website or app, style-conscious fashion buyers rely on social media when they are looking for a fashion changeover. We know what strategy works for your fashion brand – you will just get the right solution with our affordable social media plans. Starting at just $99 per month, you can surely enhance your digital performance with our other plans ranging from $199 to $399 and customized plans too.

Our social media plans work as a ‘plug-and-play’ process where you will have to subscribe to one of our plans and the rest is taken care of by our team. When you choose to be with Socinova, there is nothing but the initial interview you have to take time for. Once we get the knack for your fashion business in the first few days, you will see beautiful content posted on your social media handles, increased engagement, and advanced reach through systematic ads.

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The Social Media Platforms We Use for Your Fashion Brand

Identifying the right social media channel is a critical step we handle for your fashion brand. When we develop a strategy for your business, we suggest social media channels that will work wonders for your fashion brand. For example, having a LinkedIn profile for your fashion brand may not work as well as Instagram and Snapchat would. We identify your users based on what content they prefer to consume and then offer you new ways of achieving your set goals.

Here’s a breakdown of the popular platforms we use to implement our social media strategy.

Facebook is widely used by every age group for different purposes. Along with regular Facebook posts, your fashion brand needs to catch attention with live broadcasts. For example, you can arrange a fashion show or event through live video as most people are preferring to stay at home since 2020. Facebook also offers you a marketplace option where you can showcase your products and increase sales.

Instagram is a visually focused social media platform where you can easily catch the attention of the most accurate audience looking to buy products and share them in their collection. With daily 500 million active users and growing, Instagram is preferred by fashion eCommerce businesses as its shopping features are indeed easy to use and seamless. The eCommerce interface of Instagram lets buyers purchase the products without leaving the app. As mentioned earlier, Instagram is home to fashion influencers and 69% of marketing techniques evolve around influencer marketing. We have a collection of influencers to help you with this trending marketing activity. 

Pinterest user base increased by 26% to 335 million in 2020 and in the USA alone, it has an active user base of 88 million per month. Pinterest users prefer it for discovering fashion related products and make their purchase decisions. Pinterest helps you with potential customers at your fingertips to grow brand awareness.

Twitter, with its 330 million active monthly users, and 500 million tweets every day, is another big platform to catch attention of potential fashion buyers. Famous for its 280 characters limited tweets, we use Twitter to spread awareness about your new launches with short, quirky and engaging messages.

Snpachat reported 238 million daily users in 2020. Did you know, in the Q1 of 2021, Ralph Lauren and Snapchat collaborated to personalize the experience to luxury fashion buyers? Ralph Lauren acquired a reputation of being a flexible and friendly fashion supplier with this move. We use Snapchat to promote your fashion brand with short videos, engaging GIFs and attractive photos. Want to try it? We can discuss it on our call. 

YouTube has more than 1 billion users and growing. YouTube is useful for informing and educating your user base about your products, guides and how-tos. People also use YouTube to get genuine reviews about your products, product care information and more. Attractive videos are used to attract, engage and retain more customers for your fashion brand.

At Socinova, we offer professional social media marketing for fashion companies, consultants and brands. With our flexible and affordable social media marketing plans, you get services like:

  • Content creation
  • Content posting
  • Brand management
  • Blog writing
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Analytics & reporting
  • Customer support

With Socinova, you get a trusted partner to help your business succeed online with an instant access to our flexible plans giving you opportunities . With Socinova, you get a chance to save money & time, focus on your business and reduce risks in getting more leads. Get ready to expand your business with Socinova’s affordable social media marketing plans today!

Frequently Asked Questions by Fashion Brands about Social Media Marketing

I am interested in your services, how can I proceed with them?

Have you decided about the plan you are choosing for our services? Just subscribe and we will have an initial discussion as soon as possible. If not, please get in touch with us and we will have a call to discuss your requirements & a social media strategy for your fashion brand. 

Can I get more customers and sales with your services?

Yes, you can. Social media marketing is useful for engaging your current buyers, attracting new buyers and increasing sales for your fashion brand.

Is it necessary for my fashion brand to have a social media strategy?

Social media marketing is useful for every business. Even your fashion brand needs to have a strategy. This will not only give you more sales but you will see a growing community for your fashion business as well. 

Got more questions about our process and strategy? Explore our plans for social media marketing for fashion brands and get started now!

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