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Social media is no more a medium just for entertainment. Social media is a major tool for marketing your business and connecting to your audiences. Social media is also often used as Google to search for information about the products and services of a business.

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing that leverages the power of popular social media networks to achieve your marketing and branding goals. In the past few years, social media has completely changed how business is done. It has transformed how customer service is delivered, increased brand awareness, and opened the door for small companies to beat large companies in marketing.

This has happened because social media is good for everyone. It provides value for every user; hence, more and more people are coming on-board!

Socinova provides an affordable, one-time social media setup package, so you can start utilizing social media for your business! Make the most of our social media setup services by ordering the package today!

By getting your business on social media, you can test the market, build hype for your new products, get revealing data related to your target demographic, and also build customer loyalty. So, if you are looking to get started with your business on social media, the first step is to setup your social accounts. But which social networks should you be setting up your accounts on?

Facebook: The biggest social network out there. It doesn’t matter in which industry your business is, you should be on Facebook.

LinkedIn: The professional network. If your sales is B2B, LinkedIn is a good platform to be on.

Instagram: The ‘photos’ social network. If your business deals with a lot of visual elements, like if you are a photographer, travel agency, etc., you should be on Instagram.

YouTube: The ‘videos’ social network. If you create marketing videos, you have to upload them to YouTube!

Once you’ve chosen which social networks you’ll go with, it’s time to get started! But creating and optimizing your social accounts on all these platforms isn’t easy. Worry not, we’re here to help with our social media setup pricing packages!

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$149 Social Media Setup Services Features

  • Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, LinkedIn & YouTube included: Our one time set-up $149 package includes all the major social networks suitable for most businesses.
  • Social accounts’ setup and profile optimization included: It is important to keep your social media profiles up-to-date. When you purchase this package, we’ll setup and review your social media accounts and perform any necessary optimizations. 
  • Custom profile & banner images: Only creating social media accounts won’t help. You need to optimize and position them properly. For that, you need to have proper branding so that when people discover your accounts, they know who you are and what you do. In this package, we create custom profile pictures and banner images for your social media profiles.
  • Call-to-action & contact buttons set up: We’ll also setup call-to-action and contact buttons on your social media profiles so your followers can get in touch with you easily. This will increase the leads and traffic driven to your website.
  • 7 high-quality branded posts on each platform (except YouTube): This social media setup package will provide you with 7 high-quality branded posts for your included social media platforms. To begin with, our team will conduct thorough research and analyze your business and your competitors. Based on our research and your inputs, we’ll create high-quality posts. These posts will be a combination of promotional, informational, motivational and trendy content related to your business.
  • Website Integration: Once we’re done setting up and optimizing your social accounts, we’ll add the social icons and links to your website so your customers can easily find them. For this, we’ll need your website’s admin panel access.

Interested in more comprehensive packages?

What do we mean when we say we'll setup & optimize your social accounts'?

It starts with the simplest task of visiting various social media websites and creating an account with your name and email ID. But that’s just the starting point. When creating any new social media accounts, one has to optimize all this info:

  • Basic information like name & username
  • Business location, working hours
  • Business industry, categories
  • Short & long descriptions
  • Logo & header images
  • Phone/email verification
  • Call to action buttons
  • Contact information
  • Customer reviews
  • Custom colors
  • Custom tabs
  • Other legal information
  • Removing duplicate pages/information

Doing all this and many more things is included in Socinova’s social media setup pricing. As you can see, setting up your social media accounts professionally isn’t an easy task, and hence, it should be left to the professionals.

You can order our social media setup services today, and we’ll be happy to create/optimize your social accounts for you!

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As a part of our social media setup services, we can setup your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google My Business accounts depending on your package.

Yes. If you already have your business social accounts, we can just optimize those to make sure everything is at its best.

Once we’re done with setting up your social media accounts, we suggest you subscribe to our social media management package. That will include posting content to your social media accounts, helping you promote your social media among your network and starting with social media ads.

Once we setup your social media accounts, they are 100% yours. You can change the passwords so we won’t be able to access them anymore.

Have more questions? No worries, just call us, email us or WhatsApp us! Our team is happy to help you learn more about social media setup services and get started whenever you are ready!

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