Reseller FAQ

Content & Services

  1. Daily content sharing. 7 days a week, 365 days a year. *$159 plan & above.
  2. Content specifically crafted for your client’s business by a content specialist.
  3. Engaging content including graphics, curated links, videos, GIFs and more.
  4. Promoting your client’s products and services through posts.
  5. Custom branded graphics to increase brand awareness.
  6. Perfect balance of curated, owned and promotional content.
  1. All the content will be highly relevant to your client’s brand, designed using your wordings, colours, style, etc.
  2. All custom branded graphics will be designed in HQ 1080*1080 size.
  3. To maintain consistency, same graphics will be posted to all the client’s social channels.
  4. All the graphics we design for your client will be done using Canva and you can request editing access.
  5. In the Standard plan and above, you have the option to review/edit all the content in advance.
  6. We generally schedule content 7-10 days in advance.
Now almost 6 years doing social media management, we have strong internal processes to ensure quality output. All our staff is trained in white label social media management and has years of experience in the field. Our editing process is also thorough to ensure that all content is checked by second pair of eyes before it is published.
All plans include a 24/7 analytics dashboard via where you or your client can login anytime to check analytics for your social media accounts, Facebook and Twitter advertising, SERPs and other important aspects of our service and beyond.
As we give you direct access to the social media posting dashboard, we don’t send content separately for review. You or the client can login to the dashboard anytime to check all the scheduled content and let us know if any edits should be made. One round of edits is totally fine and if there’s any mistake from our side we’re happy to do additional revisions.
Our Premium and Elite plans include blogs writing. We’ll write blog articles of up to 500 words each for your client’s blog, which are search engines optimised with their keywords and topics. These will be written explicitly as per your client’s needs, to engage their readers, grow their website traffic and promote their products and services.
Yes. To maintain consistency over the various social media platforms, we’ll create and post the same content on all networks. But rest assured that the captions i.e. the text of the post will be optimised for certain platforms like Twitter and Instagram. We’ll also use more hashtags on Instagram and use shorter text for Twitter with up to 4 hashtags, to make the most of the platforms’ capabilities.

Our Premium and Elite plans include promotional video production. Using, we’ll create custom promotional videos, around 60-90 seconds in length, specifically for your client’s brand, to promote their products and services on social media. We’ll promote these videos on their social media with the right optimisations to drive traffic to their website and bring in new sales.

You can simply upload them to a folder on your Dropbox or Google Drive and share the link with us! We’ll use those in the content.

Once you place your order for any of our social media reseller packages, we’ll send you a questionnaire to provide us the required info about your client. It will include questions about their business, target audience, preferences for writing style, etc.
Mostly, we like to work with our standard packages only. But if needed, we can customise any of the package to fit your needs. For example, we can add a feature or remove a feature from any of the standard packages to give you a custom quote
Not at all. All the content is white labeled and your client will never know that it’s Socinova in the background.
We generally start within 3 working days you placing the order and submitting the questionnaire info. Once we get started, we never halt the posting until you cancel.
Your account manager will be posting content on your client’s profiles as per the details you submitted and the discussions with you. Hence, usually the content we publish is in-line with your ideas. But, if you don’t like any piece of content posted by us, you can just notify the same to your account manager and we’ll take care of it. We encourage our resellers to give us the feedback about content as often as possible. Let it be good or bad. We always want to make sure that our posting style matches your brand voice on social media.

Client Management

You can contact us to get started. We will send you the link to the payment and to your billing dashboard. From there, we can together manage all active clients.
Overall, the process of on-boarding a new client is like this:
  1. They purchase the package with you and you pay us:
  2. We send you/them a questionnaire to fill, branded under your name, like this:
  3. We send you/them the link of our social media management tools to connect their social networks
  4. (Optional) We create a new Trello board for them to join, where you, the client and us can communicate (Our team member will act as your employee)
  5. We create the first set of content and ask you/them to review
  6. Once the initial feedback is received, we start scheduling content and generally take it over from here
  7. Their/your periodic feedback is welcome
No, you don’t have to register anywhere separately. Simply contacting us via email or WhatsApp is enough to get things started. Also, there is no contract. You are free to resell our services anytime and our standard terms and conditions will apply which are available on the website.
Yes. We’ll send you a white label questionnaire once you place your order with us. You can use this questionnaire to add your logo and branding as well.
Yes, sure we can. Creating and optimising social media accounts is included in the Standard plan and above.
Mostly, no. We will share the link of our social media posting dashboard with you, where you or your client can directly connect the social media accounts. We won’t need to login separately. However, sometimes username and password will be needed for Instagram.

Simple – you can just send them to your Socinova account manager via email. Your account manager will create content around them as required.

Yes, we do. You can order any Socinova plan for three months with a discount of 10% on the total price. If you want to order multiple plans at once or want to pay for any plan in advance for 6/12 months, you can contact us for a discounted quote.

Yes. Our Basic and Standard plans come with 7 days money back guarantee. If the client isn’t satisfied within 7 days of their order, you can ask for a refund and we’ll complete it right away.

Yes, sure! You’ll have the access to the social media posting dashboard, so you yourself can also create posts. We’ll take care of your client’s social media, but you can always engage if you would like to!
Glad you asked! Socinova is our affordable social media marketing services division and we do provide other digital marketing services as well. Please explore
As we are providing white labeled services to you, mostly you’ll be the one talking to the client directly. We will mostly communicate with you. But if you prefer, we can also use a third party tool like Trello or Slack where you, us and the client can communicate together. You can get us an account in such a dashboard using your company’s name, so the client will not know it’s Socinova.

We generally don’t share calendars separately as we give you the direct access to social posting dashboard itself. But still, if you wish, we can create one month’s content at once and share with you to get approved by the client. We’ll also be happy to do the edits suggested by the client.

Our Premium and Elite plans include Facebook ad campaign(s) management. Under this, we will provide a short questionnaire to you to ask to your client. Once we get the info, we’ll create and manage the campaigns for you. We’ll handle everything from creating the campaign with the ad sets and ad graphics + copy and continually optimise it. Please note that ads budget is not included in our plans. We’ll help you setup your own Facebook ads account and will be managing the ads from there for your clients. The ads budget will be billed to you directly by Facebook. We’ll recommend the ideal budget amount for the ads but the final ads budget can be decided by you or the client.
The Starter package, being our most affordable package, has limited features. Hence, to provide the best results via our services, we highly recommend at least 3 months of continued service. We’ll provide a 10% discount on your total, so it’ll be $213 for 3 months, instead of $237.

White Label Social Media Reseller Packages