Bamboobee Success Story

How Bamboobee capitalised on their social media presence and grew their followers via Socinova’s social media marketing services


At Bamboobee, their designs fuse art and function together in expertly crafted works of beauty. One of their first products is their bamboo bicycle, which is a perfect match for people who appreciate the iconic inspiration that nature provides, as well as unique design and high attention to detail.


Before Socinova

Bamboobee started with Socinova in October 2014 to get their social media managed as it was getting hard for the owner to keep up with it. At that time, the brand was already popular thanks to the popularity of their bamboo bike kit. Sunny, the owner, was overwhelmed with the various tasks and hand and outsourcing social media seemed to be the best option.

How Socinova helped Bamboobee

  • Socinova freed time for Bamboobee’s owners when it started managing the content independently
  • Socinova has maintained the brand essence by focusing on the bamboo/natural side of the products
  • Over the years, Socinova helped grow followers on Facebook and Instagram which has resuled in more brand recognition
  • Socinova also handles blogging for Bamboobee and its related brands, providing more convenience to the owners
  • Due to Socinova’s content consistency, it has helped Bamboobee become one of the few brands in their industry which are recognised globally

I appreciate all the support you’ve provided me. I especially appreciate the help regarding my websites as well. – Sunny Chuah

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