Success Story – Dental Lab Direct

How Dental Lab Direct grew traffic and sales with Socinova’s social media content posting and advertising services
Success Story – Dental Lab Direct


Dental Lab Direct is an online platform that allows its customers to order custom-made dentures, guards, retainers, and a lot of other dental appliances, sitting in the comfort of their homes. Dental Lab Direct thrives on providing the same grade products at a fraction of the price that some dentist would charge.


Before Socinova

Dental Lab Direct decided to start working with Socinova in March 2020. At that time, they didn’t have a strong social media presence and wanted to utilize social media to the fullest. As their industry is highly competitive, they wanted to build a strong social media community to drive traffic to their website and grow sales.

How Socinova helped Dental lab Direct

  • Socinova understood their needs and planned strategic advertising campaigns to drive more than 1,500 visitors to their website every month
  • Socinova started managing the content independently, helping them establish their brand on social media
  • Socinova also helped them with managing their email campaigns and website edits to maximise the effect of social media marketing
  • Socinova has also produced promotional customised videos which were used in ads and shared on social media, getting 100s of views
  • Socinova also provided valuable marketing advice to Dental Lab Direct, helping them successfully achieve their sales goals
Success Story – Dental Lab Direct

Vedarth and his team always put out quality media materials to our followers. They really got to know our business. – Joseph Iacobazzi

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