Facebook Content Posting Services

As a startup founder or a small business owner, you probably want to have a strong presence on social media, especially Facebook. Facebook is hands down the most influential social network today. If you’re looking for a Facebook content posting service to keep your Facebook business page active, your search ends with Socinova!

At Socinova, we have a specialized Facebook posting service dedicated to small businesses and startups. Our social media managers include Facebook content specialists who have handled Facebook pages from diverse industries and have grown them organically. We use only the best practices and unique strategies to build your posts, ensuring they get delivered at the right time, to the right audience, and in your voice! 

Facebook Content Posting Services

Facebook has more users than there are people living in the entire Western Hemisphere. If you want to reach a wider audience and get more customers, Facebook is a safe bet. Start your Facebook posting to attract people waiting for you with new sales opportunities!

Get your business on the world's biggest social platform!

Facebook is the top organic social media platform for most B2C marketers, and in the top three for B2B marketers. Facebook is a massive online community giving businesses in all industries a chance to connect with their target audiences, create a base of quality followers and get their content directly in those followers’ News Feeds. Facebook provides a unique socialization opportunity, helping brands build sales opportunities by distributing content for every step of the sales funnel.  Having a Facebook page for your business is not enough; but posting content sparks engagement with other industry counterparts, builds relationships with social media influencers, and creates valuable business connections with customers. It also serves search engine optimization campaigns indirectly by helping to drive traffic to your web pages.

Facebook Posting Services BY Socinova

We have simple packages for your Facebook posting services. Along with Facebook posting, we also have services to post on other social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. We create beautiful and engaging content around your business and directly post these pictures and videos on your Facebook business profile. Whether you have a Facebook business page or a personal endorsement page, we have everything covered.

We use your business features, unique selling points, and offerings to create this content where we highlight these points through Facebook posts. Many experts say, “Post as frequently as you can…at a minimum, once per day.” Your customers want to feel like they know you and your business and can relate to you. While you need to post regularly, you can’t just post any type of content. You need quality and beautiful posts to grab attention. Most of your posts should be relevant and not always selling something. Honestly, people don’t like it. Facebook is a platform where people come for enjoyment or entertainment. You can share behind-the-scenes information about your business, your team photos, and information about your employees. These posts will show your transparency and quality.

If you are not sure what your customers want to see, what they enjoy, and what they want to experience, we can start with an audience assessment. Facebook itself offers so many insights that help take the guesswork out of sharing. We use Facebook insights along with our own research that help us become knowledgeable about posting relevant content to your Facebook to reach the right people at the right time. If you are still worried about what to post to your Facebook page, we have got experts to do just that! We schedule posts in advance so nothing slips out of the funnel. This will help you simplify your Facebook posting process.


Step 1: You sign up for our social media package

Step 2: We research about your business, competitors, market, etc. and start creating content

Step 3: Amazing content is posted according to the package you select without you having to do anything!

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Custom-designed Facebook posts with educational and engagement worthy content!

We start posting to your page with professionally designed and visually pleasing content every single day, according to the package you choose. This content is created to be educational to your prospective customers. It’s also designed  to help your business engage with them.

Branded Facebook posts with your business' logo!

With our Facebook posting services, you will not only get custom designed content for your business, but the content will be based on what your customers like to see and read. You will also get your business logo on your Facebook posts where we promote your brand identity. Your brand will make a strong impression in your users’ minds with the content we post for your business on Facebook. Your logo on your Facebook posts will also prevent anyone copying the posts.

New content every time!

We avoid repeating content for your Facebook posts. Every day or every time we post on Facebook, we make sure you spread a unique message for your audience. We have social media managers that keep researching for your Facebook posts every day. We also try to reach maximum people, to get their eyeballs on your Facebook content.

Why do you need a Facebook posting service for your brand?

Think about it for a minute – do you have the time and expertise it takes to create engaging content for your Facebook page every single day? On average, it may take 10-15 hours every month to create a monthly calendar for your Facebook page. This time could easily be invested into more productive activities.

Fuel Your Social Media Strategy

With a combination of powerful campaigns from Socinova, our Facebook posting services deliver results with unique and creative content. Your business needs digital marketing and social media is a huge part of it. With our services, you get the social media posts you need and when you need them. Just sit back and wait for our creative team to create your posts based on your inputs.

Show up Higher in Facebook Search

Whether you know it or not, people actively search for businesses on Facebook. If you are posting content on Facebook regularly, your business will show up higher in the local search for businesses like yours. This helps your business be in front of lots of potential new customers.

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Show up Higher in the Newsfeed of Your Followers

What’s important is to stay in touch with your existing customers to send them important reminders about your progress and that you are always ready to help them. Posting regular content on your business Facebook page strengthens this trust. This makes people visit your Facebook page more often and do business with your brand.

Educate and Delight Your Potential Customers While They Do Business With You

People do business with companies they trust. They do thorough research online before calling or visiting your business, even for a small purchase. Potential customers are more likely to check out your Facebook page. If your Facebook page has well-designed educational content, it acts as a way to attract new people to your business.

Get the Attention of Your Customers

Your Facebook page needs to be updated regularly to attract and engage your potential customers. Your business is operating in a competitive market, so your social media presence needs to be the best it can be to beat the competition. An inactive Facebook page can’t generate any impressions, or engagement, and looks untrustworthy. Regular Facebook posting can help you stay relevant even in a market full of competitors.

How do we create "attractive" content for your Facebook page?

Step 1: To start, we first clearly understand your business and your goals

Step 2: Based on the info you provide and our research, we start creating Facebook content that your audience will probably find attractive

Step 3: We customize every Facebook post branded with your business’s logo and colors

Step 4: We schedule your posts regularly so they are posted at the right time

Step 5: We use our proactive systems to make sure your Facebook page never runs out of create content and is updated regularly with fresh content

Is our "Facebook Posting Service" a fit for your business?

If you’re a startup founder or a small business owner who wants to…

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase business from existing customers
  • Improve your business’s rank in Local Facebook Search
  • Instantly upgrade your business’s brand perception

Then our Facebook posting services are perfect for you. We help you achieve your goals at an affordable price!

Frequently Asked Questions about our Facebook Posting Services

1. Is there a contract?

No. Our Facebook posting service is available on a month-to-month basis. We don’t bind you with any contracts, and you can cancel at any time. But for the best results, we recommend you subscribe for a minimum of 3 months.

 2. Can I approve the posts?

Definitely! With our Regular, Plus, and Enterprise plans, you can review the Facebook posts in advance before we publish them.

Have more questions about our Facebook posting service? We are all ears.

Please reach out to us at care@socinova.com or just subscribe to one of our plans, and we will start posting to your Facebook pages along with other social media channels shortly!   

Reviews from Facebook and Google

This is an expert team of social media and marketing professionals. Highly recommend for start up and small businesses that want to jump start their marketing efforts.
Renee Walker
Vedarth Deshpande and his team are very tremendous to work with! Very responsive to social media suggestions and recommendations and positively involves his clients in the process to provide the best quality service · ️
Meaza Orokii
Socinova is an excellent company. We’ve worked with them for over a year now and they have been very professional and their creative ads have generated our company hundreds of leads!!
I’ve been working with Socinova for only a few months now but have seen an increase in social media followers, likes, comments and most important…leads! They are highly responsive, professional and affordable. I highly recommend them!
Ronnie Fulton
Vedarth is wonderful to work with and has been great on many projects. He is able to deliver quality & communication.
Mark Connect
Vedarth as done a wonderful job accommodating my businesses needs. I would highly recommend this company’s services.
Sanatosha Sewar
I recommend Socianova to all my friends who say social media marketing is too hard to do while running a business! Premium work at affordable prices
Dannielle MacDonald
Vedarth & his team were fantastic to deal with! Highly recommend. Thanks for everything !
Emma McMahon
Professional, and knowledgeable. Always willing to help as much as possible to ensure your needs are met. Definintely would recommend to anyone.
Joshua Sunny Chuah
Vedarth as done a wonderful job accommodating my businesses needs. I would highly recommend this company’s services.
Dax Robinson
Great company! High quality posts and social media content. Always willing to help with a quick response time. Best value for the money for all social media needs that I have encountered.
Raffie Conca
Great Service, Reliable, Timely responses and reply, Always willing to work with you to fit all your needs. would recommend to anyone.
Alex Massa Jr.

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